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Nynetjer (also known as Ninetjer and Banetjer) is the Horus name of the third pharaoh of the Second Dynasty of Egypt. The length of his reign is unknown. The Turin Canon suggests an improbable reign of 96 years[1] and Egyptian historian Manetho suggested that Nynetjer's reign lasted 47 years.[2] Egyptologists question both statements as misinterpretations or exaggerations. They generally credit Nynetjer with a reign of either 43 years or 45 years. Their estimation is based on the reconstructions of the well known Palermo Stone inscription reporting the years 7–21, the Cairo Stone inscription reporting the years 36–44.[3][4] According to different authors, Nynetjer ruled Egypt from c. 2850 BC to 2760 BC[5] or later from c. 2760 BC to 2715 BC.[6]


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