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ප්‍රවර්ගය:Taxoboxes with no color

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

This category lists articles with no taxobox color. Check the taxobox carefully. In a manual taxobox, it's likely that no higher level taxon has been specified that determines the taxobox color, e.g. there's no regnum in the taxobox. In an automated taxobox, it's likely that the taxon is incorrectly specified or does not have a corresponding taxonomy template.

In a very few cases, this will not be an error, e.g. Life.

"https://si.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=ප්‍රවර්ගය:Taxoboxes_with_no_color&oldid=523982" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි