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ප්‍රවර්ගය:ISO language articles citing sources other than Ethnologue

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

This tracking category is triggered by entering something in the |ref= parameter of {{infobox language}} other than "e11–e25", for language articles that have an ISO code (entry under iso3 or lc1). (Note: If Ethnologue is referenced directly, as at Achi language, rather than with the codes "e18" etc., then the article will show up here.) When a new edition of Ethnologue comes out, the articles in this category should be checked to see if they should be updated (and the infobox template needs to be updated as well).

All articles in this category should contain a reference tag in their |ref= parameter , either <ref>...</ref>, {{sfnp| ... }}, {{sfn| ... }}, or a {{citation needed}} tag (manually sorted into the sub-category Category:Articles with citation needed in ref field). AWB can be used to look for other values, which will likely be errors.

On 2015-3-18, the following 342 articles appeared in this category, all with ref tags. They should be checked against Ethnologue 18 for updates.
Articles appearing after this date may be due to typos when updating to Ethn. 18. ("e1u" for "e18" is a common error.) Paste this list into AWB and compare with the current inventory to find additions.

Abane language Achi language Adabe language Afitti language Aikanã language Ainu language Albanian Sign Language Albay Bikol language Algerian Sign Language American Sign Language Amis language Andarum language Andegerebinha dialect Angaité language Animere language Aragonese language Araki language Arbore language Argobba language Aromanian language Aruek language Awngi language Badimaya language Baluan-Pam language Basketo language Belizean Creole Bench language Beti language Biao language Bohtan Neo-Aramaic Bosnian language Breton language Brokkat language Bu-Nao language Bung language Bussa language Central Alaskan Yup'ik language Central Pomo language Central Siberian Yupik language Chara language Chavacano language Cherokee language Chhattisgarhi language Chinese Sign Language Chocangaca language Cree language Cypriot Maronite Arabic Daakaka language Dâw language Delaware languages Dime language Dirasha language Dizin language Dobase language Domari language Dorig language Drèents dialects Dupaningan Agta Dusner language Eastern Pomo language Egyptian Sign Language Emiliano-Romagnolo language Enawene Nawe language Enggano language English language Enlhet language Enu language Enxet language Erromintxela language Erzya language Eskayan language Esperanto Fante dialect Gangte language Garawa language Gelao language Ghomara language Gondi language Grebo language Gugu Thaypan language Gumuz language Gunwinggu language Guugu Yimithirr language Gǀui dialect Gǁana language Hadiyya language Harari language Hawai'i Sign Language Hawaiian language Hidatsa language Highest Alemannic German Hill Mari language Hindustani language Hiw language Hmar language Hu language Huave language Icelandic language Ido (language) Inari Sami language Interlingua Inupiat language Inuvialuktun Ipai language Irula language Isan language Israeli Sign Language Italian Sign Language Itelmen language Ixcatec language Jamaican Country Sign Language Jarawa language (Andaman Islands) Jeju language Jogi language Kachama-Ganjule language Kaduo language Kafa language Kaikadi language Kalmyk Oirat Kambaata language Kanggape language Kanoê language Karachay-Balkar language Karo language Kashubian language Kaska language Kavalan language Keak language Keresan languages Khoekhoe language Khorasani Turkic language Khün language Kichwa language Kiowa language Klingon language Komi-Permyak language Konso language Koore language Korana language Korean dialects Koro language (Vanuatu) Kosli language Koyukon language Kugu Nganhcara language Kumbainggar language Kumeyaay language Kumyk language Kunjen language Kurdish languages Kurrama language Kven language Kwama language Lahta language Lakha language Lakon language Lao language Latgalian language Lehali language Lemerig language Libido language Libyan Sign Language Lingala Lo-Toga language Lombard language Lovono language Low German Lower Arrernte language Löyöp language Lule language Luri language Luxembourgish language Maale language Macedonian language Malay trade and creole languages Mama language Mamaindê language Manchu language Mandan language Marwari language Matbat language Mavea language Me'en language Meadow Mari language Media Lengua Medny Aleut language Mekéns language Mian language Mizo language Modern Greek Mok language Moksha language Monastic sign languages Mongolian language Mono language (California) Mopan language Mota language Mount Iraya Agta language Movima language Mur Pano language Mursi language Muscogee language Mwerlap language Mwotlap language Nahuatl Nahuan languages Naueti language Navajo language Nayi language Neo (constructed language) New High German Ngarla language Ngarluma language Ngatikese Creole Nhanda language Nhangu language Nijadali language Ninde language Nomlaki language Norman language Norwegian language Nǁng language Nume language Nunggubuyu language Nyangatom language Nyen language Oblo language Occitan language Olrat language Oluta Popoluca Omurano language Ona language Önge language Ongota language Opuo language Orang Kanaq language Orang Seletar language Otomi language Oyda language Paranan Agta language Paranan language Pashto language Patwin language Pauna language Pengo language Persian language Picard language Pirahã language Pite Sami language Pitkern language Poke language Potawatomi language Rajasthani language Ripuarian language Romani language Romansh language Rombo language Rumu language Russian Sign Language Rwanda-Rundi Sakha language Samogitian dialect Sanapaná language Sandawe language Sapuan language Sayula Popoluca Scandoromani language Scots language Scottish Gaelic Sekele language Sentinelese language Serbian language Shakacho language Sheko language Shilha language Shinasha language Shua language Sidamo language Silesian language Simte language Slavomolisano dialect Slovene language Southeastern Pomo language Southern Pomo language Stieng language Suri language Suruí do Pará dialect Swiss-German Sign Language Taa language Talossan language Tampuan language Tanema language Teanu language Tegali language Tehuelche language Ter Sami language Tholo language Tilapa Otomi Tofa language Tol language Toto language Totonac languages Trique language Tsakonian language Tsamai language Tshwa language Turkmen language Tweants dialect Twi Tz’utujil language Ugandan Sign Language Umpila language Upper Arrernte language Uwa language Vaiphei language Veps language Vera'a language Vietnamese sign languages Viya language Volapük Võro language Vurës language Washo language Welsh language Welsh-Romani language West Low German Western Apache language Western Pantar language Witoto languages Wolaytta language Wuvulu-Aua language Xamtanga language Yami language Yawuru language Yem language Yerukala language Yuchi language Zande language Zayse-Zergulla language Zuni language ǂ’Amkoe language ǂAakhoe dialect Kung language


මෙම ප්‍රවර්ගය සතු වන්නේ පහත දැක්වෙන උපප්‍රවර්ගය පමණි.