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මෙරෙන්ප්ටාගේ භූමදාන අඩවිය
KV8 හි මෙරෙන්ප්ටාගේ ශෛලමය මිනී පෙට්ටිය
KV8 is located in Egypt
ඛණ්ඩාංක25°44′26″N 32°36′2.5″E / 25.74056°N 32.600694°E / 25.74056; 32.600694ඛණ්ඩාංක: 25°44′26″N 32°36′2.5″E / 25.74056°N 32.600694°E / 25.74056; 32.600694
පිහිටීමනැගෙනහිර රජුන්ගේ නිම්නය
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රජුන්ගේ නිම්නයේ පිහිටි KV8 සොහොන්ගැබ පුරාතන ඊජිප්තුවේ දහනවවන රාජවංශයේ මෙරෙන්ප්ටා නම් පාරාවෝවරයාගේ භූමදානය සඳහා භාවිත වූවකි.

The burial chamber, located at the end of 160 metres of corridor, originally held a set of four nested sarcophagi. The outer one of these was so voluminous that parts of the corridor had to have their doorjambs demolished and rebuilt to allow it to be brought in. These jambs were then rebuilt with the help of inscribed sandstone blocks which were then fixed into their place with dovetail cramps. The pillars in Chamber F were removed to allow passage of the sacrophagus, only two were replaced. The other two pillars may have been stolen by Paneb, a worker in the craftsman's village (Deir el Medina), for use in his own tomb.

Isometric, plan and elevation images of KV8 taken from a 3d model


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