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සැකිල්ල:Transclude linked excerpts as random slideshow/ලේඛය

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

A template to make a random slideshow of transcluded excerpts. See Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Portals/Design#Excerpt_slideshows.

Parameters are mostly the same as for {{Transclude linked excerpt}}:

{{Transclude linked excerpts as random slideshow | 1= | 2= | paragraphs= | files= | fileargs= | more= | errors= }}

The template accepts any number of page names as unnamed parameters; excerpts will be taken from links on these pages. The slideshow order is selected randomly. Include a namespace where necessary. There are no other positional parameters, but there are some optional named parameters:

  • Limit to a section
    • For page in unnamed parameter n, limit to links to those in a section name specified by |sectionn= (e.g. |section1=)
    • To exclude subsections within the section, set |sectiononlyn=yes (e.g. |sectiononly1=yes)
    • To set the same section for all pages, use |section= instead (and similarly for |sectiononly=, if desired)
  • A list of paragraphs such as |paragraphs=1,3-5; the default is all paragraphs.
  • A list of file (image) numbers such as |files=1; the default is no images. Note that images within infoboxes etc. are not available.
  • Arguments to pass to File: such as |fileargs=left to move images to the left; the default is none.
  • A link to the article itself such as |more=(more); the default is no link. Short cut: |more=| produces Read more...
  • Prevent randomisation of the output by setting |random=no (or false).
  • Allow stubs to be included by setting |nostubs=no (or false). The default is to exclude stubs from the slideshow, unless every article is a stub.

Note that this template limits the number of excerpts in the slideshow to 50. This is to prevent transcluding pages from exceeding various technical limitations. If more than 50 links are found, a random subset of 50 will be shown. A lower limit may be set using |limit= if necessary, i.e. to prevent "The time allocated for running scripts has expired" errors either in this template or further down the page (example).