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විකිපීඩියා:List of discussion templates

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

This is a list of standardized discussion templates that are used on talk pages, in AfDs, proposals, and other policy discussions.

Tag Renders Opposite Tag Renders
{{2O}} සැකිල්ල:2O අදාළ නොවේ
{{8ball}} magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says: අදාළ නොවේ
{{A note}} information Note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Accepted}} අනුමතවිය {{Declined}} / {{Smallrejected}} අවලංගු කරන ලදී අවලංගු කරන ලදී / Rejected
{{Added}} plus Added {{Removed}} minus Removed
{{Administrator note}} information Administrator note අදාළ නොවේ
{{Agree}} Agree {{Disagree}} no Disagree
{{Already declined}} Red X Already declined අදාළ නොවේ
{{Already done}}  Already done අදාළ නොවේ
{{Approved}} Approved {{Unapproved}} no Not approved
{{Autp}} Answered on user's talk page. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Await}} ClockC අදාළ නොවේ
{{Awaiting}} ω Awaiting අදාළ නොවේ
{{Awaitingadmin}} Pink clock Awaiting administrative action අදාළ නොවේ
{{Aye}} Green tickY {{Nay}} Red XN
{{Being worked on}} සැකිල්ල:Being worked on අදාළ නොවේ
{{Blockedandtagged}}  Blocked and tagged අදාළ නොවේ
{{Blockedtaggedclosing}}  Blocked and tagged. Closing. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Blockedwithouttags}}  Blocked without tags අදාළ නොවේ
{{Brohoof}} සැකිල්ල:Brohoof අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug acknowledged}}  Acknowledged අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug assigned}}  Assigned අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug closed}}  Closed අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug confirmed}}  Confirmed අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug dupe}}  Dupe අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug feedback}}  Feedback required අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug new}}  New: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug pending}}  Pending අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bug resolved}}  Resolved අදාළ නොවේ
{{BugFixed}}   Bug fixed අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bulb}} Light bulb iconB අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bulb2}} Flashing bulbB අදාළ නොවේ
{{Bureaucrat-note}} සැකිල්ල:Bureaucrat-note අදාළ නොවේ
{{Check mark-n}} Check markY {{X mark-n}} NoN
{{Checked2}} Checked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Checked box}} checked box {{Xed box}} X'ed box
{{Checking}}  Checking... අදාළ නොවේ
{{Clerk Request}}  Clerk assistance requested: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Clerk-Note}}  Clerk note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Clerk-Note-bot}}  Robot clerk note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Clerk-Note-merged}} Merged අදාළ නොවේ
{{Close}}  Closed {{Open}} සැකිල්ල:Open
  1. Comment {{subst:#ifeq:+|-|{{{sig}}}|~~~~}}
{{Comment Removed}} සැකිල්ල:Comment Removed
{{Commentvote}}  Comment. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Completed}}  Completed {{Inprogress}} සැකිල්ල:Inprogress
{{Confirmed}}  Confirmed {{Denied}}  Denied
{{Coordinator-note}}  Coordinator note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Crystalball}} crystal ball CheckUser is not a crystal ball අදාළ නොවේ
{{Cu-endorsed}}  Endorsed by a checkuser {{Cudecline}}  Check declined by a checkuser
{{CUnote}}  Checkuser note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{CURequest}} සැකිල්ල:CURequest අදාළ නොවේ
{{Decline}}  Clerk declined {{Endorse}}  Clerk endorsed
{{Decline-IP}}  Clerk declined – Checkusers will not link accounts to IPs, per the privacy policy. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Declined}} අවලංගු කරන ලදී අවලංගු කරන ලදී {{Accepted}} අනුමතවිය
{{Deferabusefilter}}  Defer to Abuse filter අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deferblack}}  Defer to Local blacklist {{Deferwhite}}  Defer to Whitelist
{{Defermetablack}}  Defer to Global blacklist අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deferred}}  Deferred අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deferspam}} Defer to WPSPAM අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deferspambot}}  Defer to XLinkBot අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deferwhite}}  Defer to Whitelist {{Deferblack}}  Defer to Local blacklist
{{Deleted}} ☒N Deleted අදාළ නොවේ
{{Deleted-image}}  Deleted අදාළ නොවේ
{{Delisted}}  Delisted {{Relisted}}  Relisted
{{Denied}}  Denied {{Confirmed}}  Confirmed
{{Disagree}} no Disagree {{Agree}} Agree
{{Discussing}}  Discussion ongoing...
අදාළ නොවේ
{{Dislike}} Dislike {{Like}} 👍 Like
{{Disregard}} සැකිල්ල:Disregard අදාළ නොවේ
{{Doing}} Doing... අදාළ නොවේ
{{Done}} YesY කළා {{notdone}} සැකිල්ල:Notdone
{{Done-t}}  Done {{Not done-t}}  Not done
{{Donetask}} YesY Task complete. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Duck}}  Looks like a duck to me අදාළ නොවේ
{{Duplicate bug}} no Duplicate bug අදාළ නොවේ
{{Duplicate Issue}} සැකිල්ල:Duplicate Issue අදාළ නොවේ
{{DuplicateProposal}} copy   Duplicate proposal අදාළ නොවේ
{{Endorse}}  Clerk endorsed {{Decline}}  Clerk declined
{{Enough}} සැකිල්ල:Enough අදාළ නොවේ
{{Expired}} ☒N This offer has expired අදාළ නොවේ
{{Facepalm}} Facepalm Facepalm අදාළ නොවේ
{{Facepalm I}} සැකිල්ල:Facepalm I අදාළ නොවේ
{{Facepalm silhouette}} සැකිල්ල:Facepalm silhouette අදාළ නොවේ
{{Fail}}  Fail {{Pass}}  Pass
{{Fishing}} fish CheckUser is not for fishing අදාළ නොවේ
{{Fixed}}  Fixed {{Notfixed}} Red X Not fixed
{{Fixed by reporter}}  Fixed by reporter අදාළ නොවේ
{{FYI}} අදාළ නොවේ
{{GA2ndopinion}}  Second opinion requested අදාළ නොවේ
{{GAOnHold}}  GA on hold අදාළ නොවේ
{{Great}} thumbs up Great! අදාළ නොවේ
{{Half done}}  Half done අදාළ නොවේ
{{Helped}} Helped අදාළ නොවේ
{{Idea}} Idea: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Implemented}}  Implemented අදාළ නොවේ
{{Impossible}}  Not possible {{Possible}}  Possible
{{Inconclusive}}  Inconclusive අදාළ නොවේ
{{Inprogress}} සැකිල්ල:Inprogress {{Completed}}  Completed
{{Invalid}} no Invalid අදාළ නොවේ
{{Investigating}}  Investigating... අදාළ නොවේ
{{Ipbedone}}  IP block exemption granted අදාළ නොවේ
{{IPblock}}  IP blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Isdoing}} [[User:|]] is doing... අදාළ නොවේ
{{Later}}  Later අදාළ නොවේ
{{Like}} 👍 Like {{Dislike}} Dislike
{{Likely}}  Likely {{Unlikely}}  Unlikely
{{Marked}} අදාළ නොවේ
{{Megaphoneduck}}  Sounds like a duck quacking into a megaphone to me අදාළ නොවේ
{{Merge done}}   YesY Merger complete. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Moot}} සැකිල්ල:Moot අදාළ නොවේ
{{MoreInfo}} MoreInfo අමතර තොරතුරු අවශ්‍යයයි අදාළ නොවේ
{{Moved discussion}} සැකිල්ල:Moved conversation අදාළ නොවේ
{{Moved discussion from}} සැකිල්ල:Moved conversation from අදාළ නොවේ
{{Moved to}} සැකිල්ල:Moved to අදාළ නොවේ
{{Moved to commons}}  Moved to Commons අදාළ නොවේ
{{N/A icon}}  Not Applicable අදාළ නොවේ
{{N&}} {{Y&}}
{{Nay}} Red XN {{Aye}} Green tickY
{{Nc}} no No comment with respect to IP address(es) අදාළ නොවේ
{{NeedsDiscussion}} information Needs discussion අදාළ නොවේ
{{NewBug}} bug   New bug {{NotBug}} no Not bug
{{NewProposal}} light bulb New proposal අදාළ නොවේ
{{No action}} no No action අදාළ නොවේ
{{No mark}}  No {{Yes check}}  Yes
{{Nocomment}} no No comment අදාළ නොවේ
{{Nojoy}} Red X No technical evidence {{Tallyho}}  Technically indistinguishable
{{Nosleepers}}  No sleepers immediately visible අදාළ නොවේ
{{Not done}} N කලේ නැහැ {{Done}} YesY කළා
{{Not done-t}}  Not done {{Done-t}}  Done
{{Not done not likely}} ☒N Not done and not likely to be done අදාළ නොවේ
{{Notabug}} Red X Not a bug අදාළ නොවේ
{{NotBug}} no Not bug {{NewBug}} bug   New bug
{{Notfixed}} Red X Not fixed {{Fixed}}  Fixed
{{NOTHERE}} සැකිල්ල:NOTHERE අදාළ නොවේ
{{Not sure}} Not sure අදාළ නොවේ
{{Not sure2}} Not sure. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Not sure3}} සැකිල්ල:Not sure3 අදාළ නොවේ
{{OnHold}} සැකිල්ල:OnHold අදාළ නොවේ
{{OnHoldUntil}}  On hold until අදාළ නොවේ
{{Opblocked}} Red X Blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Outdent}} ┌─────────────────────────────────┘
අදාළ නොවේ
{{Orz}} Orz... අදාළ නොවේ
{{Partly done}}  Partly done අදාළ නොවේ
{{Pass}}  Pass {{Fail}}  Fail
{{Pblock}}  Proxy blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{PendingRequest}}  Pending approval අදාළ නොවේ
{{PImplemented}} check Partially implemented අදාළ නොවේ
{{Pixiedust}}  CheckUser is not magic pixie dust අදාළ නොවේ
{{Possible}}  Possible {{Impossible}}  Not possible
{{Possibly}}  Possibly අදාළ නොවේ
{{Possilikely}}  Possilikely (a mix between possible and likely) අදාළ නොවේ
{{Posted}}  Posted අදාළ නොවේ
{{ProposalImplemented}} සැකිල්ල:ProposalImplemented අදාළ නොවේ
{{ProposalOnHold}} Orange clock Proposal on hold අදාළ නොවේ
{{Psblock}}  Proxies blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Qmark}} Question? අදාළ නොවේ
{{Question}}  Question: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Question mark}} Question? අදාළ නොවේ
{{Rblock}}  Range blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Read}} eye I have read the above message. I will reply when I have a moment. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Redflag}} flag Redflag අදාළ නොවේ
{{Redundant symbol}} trash Redundant අදාළ නොවේ
{{Relisted}}  Relisted {{Delisted}}  Delisted
{{Remark}}  Remark: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Remind}}  Remind අදාළ නොවේ
{{Removed}} minus Removed {{Added}} plus Added
{{Renamer note}}  Renamer note: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Reopened}} recycle Reopened අදාළ නොවේ
{{Reply to}} @Example: අදාළ නොවේ
{{Resolved}} සැකිල්ල:Resolved {{Unresolved}} සැකිල්ල:Unresolved
{{Resolved mark}}  Resolved අදාළ නොවේ
{{Resolved1}}  Resolved අදාළ නොවේ
{{Responded}} Responded at the appropriate venue. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Reverted}} arrow Reverted අදාළ නොවේ
{{Reviewing request}}  Reviewing request. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Sblock}}  Blocked but awaiting tags අදාළ නොවේ
{{Scissors}} scissors Running with scissors is too dangerous for Wikipedia! අදාළ නොවේ
{{Self-trout}} trout Self-trout අදාළ නොවේ
{{Semi-done}} checkmark Semi-done අදාළ නොවේ
{{Sent}} Yes Sent අදාළ නොවේ
{{Smallrejected}} Rejected {{Accepted}} අනුමතවිය
{{Snow}} per snowball clause අදාළ නොවේ
{{Sorry}} Smiley Sorry! අදාළ නොවේ
{{Stale}} සැකිල්ල:Stale අදාළ නොවේ
{{Stale GAN}}  This review has not received any comments in two weeks. අදාළ නොවේ
{{StaleIP}}  Stale අදාළ නොවේ
{{Stale-small}} ☒N Stale අදාළ නොවේ
{{Started}}  Started අදාළ නොවේ
{{Stop}} සැකිල්ල:Stop අදාළ නොවේ
{{Stuck}} සැකිල්ල:Stuck අදාළ නොවේ
{{Suggestion}} question mark Suggestion අදාළ නොවේ
{{SULcheck}} SUL Check අදාළ නොවේ
{{Tallyho}}  Technically indistinguishable {{Nojoy}} Red X No technical evidence
{{Thank}}  Thanks අදාළ නොවේ
{{Thank you}} ස්තූතියි! අදාළ නොවේ
{{Thank you very much}}  Thank you very much! අදාළ නොවේ
{{Thrown out}} සැකිල්ල:Thrown out {{Accepted}} අනුමතවිය
{{Thumbs down}} Thumbs down icon {{Thumbs up}} Positive
{{Tick}} YesY {{Cross}} N
{{Tobedone}}  Pending අදාළ නොවේ
{{ToDo}}  ToDo අදාළ නොවේ
{{Twomanrule}} lens Review අදාළ නොවේ
{{Unapproved}} no Not approved {{Approved}} Approved
{{UnderReview}} lens Review – This section is under review or has been partially reviewed by අදාළ නොවේ
{{Undone}} eraser Undone අදාළ නොවේ
{{Unlikely}}  Unlikely {{Likely}}  Likely
{{Unnecessary}} no Unnecessary අදාළ නොවේ
{{Unprod}} YesY කළා – as a contested proposed deletion, the article has been restored on request. අදාළ නොවේ
{{Unrelated}} Red X Unrelated අදාළ නොවේ
{{Unresolved}} සැකිල්ල:Unresolved {{Resolved}} සැකිල්ල:Resolved
{{Uploaded}}  Uploaded අදාළ නොවේ
{{User-blocked}} Red X User blocked අදාළ නොවේ
{{Verified}}  Verified අදාළ නොවේ
{{Warnsign}} red-outlined triangle containing exclamation point Warning අදාළ නොවේ
{{Wikithanks}} සැකිල්ල:Wikithanks අදාළ නොවේ
{{Withdraw}} Red X I withdraw my nomination අදාළ නොවේ
{{Withdrawn}}  Request withdrawn අදාළ නොවේ
{{Wontfix}} සැකිල්ල:Wontfix අදාළ නොවේ
{{Working}}  Working අදාළ නොවේ
{{Works for me}}  Works for me අදාළ නොවේ
{{WPcrystalball}}  Wikipedia is not a crystal ball. අදාළ නොවේ
{{WQA in progress}} සැකිල්ල:WQA in progress අදාළ නොවේ
{{Wrong venue}} සැකිල්ල:Wrong venue අදාළ නොවේ
{{X mark-n}} NoN {{Check mark-n}} Check markY
{{Xed box}} X'ed box {{Checked box}} checked box
{{Y&}} {{N&}}
{{Yellow tick}} සැකිල්ල:Yellow tick අදාළ නොවේ
{{Yes check}}  Yes {{No mark}}  No
{{You're welcome}} Smiley You're welcome! අදාළ නොවේ
Code Renders Code Renders Code Renders
{{AIV|n}} Note: {{UAA|n}} Note: {{RFPP|n}} Note:
{{AIV|q}} Question: {{UAA|q}} Question: {{RFPP|q}} Question:
{{AIV|chk}} Checking: {{UAA|wt}} Wait until the user edits. {{RFPP|ch}} Checking to see if protection is necessary.
{{AIV|w}} Warned user. {{UAA|m}} Not a blatant or serious violation of policy, but it's worth keeping an eye on. {{RFPP|s}} Semi-protected
{{AIV|i}} Insufficient recent activity to warrant a block. {{UAA|d}} Discussing with the user. {{RFPP|pd}} Pending-change protected
{{AIV|f}} No vandalism since final warning. Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. {{UAA|dc}} dc {{RFPP|p}} Fully protected
{{AIV|ow}} Stale warning. {{UAA|v}} This noticeboard is for blatant violations of the username policy. Consider taking this report to WP:AIV. {{RFPP|m}} Move protected
{{AIV|m}} Will actively monitor user. {{UAA|ep}} ep {{RFPP|t}} Protected to prevent recreation
{{AIV|3rr}} This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring. {{UAA|csd}} csd {{RFPP|tp}}
{{AIV|a}} This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents. {{UAA|rc}} rc {{RFPP|ec}}
{{AIV|u}} This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Usernames for administrator attention. {{UAA|ch}} ch {{RFPP|do}} Done
{{AIV|r}} This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Requests for page protection. {{UAA|p}} p {{RFPP|no}}
{{AIV|sp}} This noticeboard is for obvious vandals and spammers only. Consider taking this report to Sockpuppet investigations. {{UAA|s}} This noticeboard is for blatant violations of the username policy. Consider taking this report to WP:SPI. {{RFPP|d}} Declined
{{AIV|in}} Note: IP addresses are generally not blocked indefinitely. Please see the blocking policy for more information. {{UAA|rn}} sn {{RFPP|pf}}
{{AIV|s}} Appears to be a shared IP address, used by multiple users. {{UAA|no}} no {{RFPP|nea}} Declined, not enough recent disruptive activity to justify protection.
{{AIV|4im}} User has been inappropriately warned. 4im warnings are appropriate for severe vandalism and defamation only. {{UAA|e}} Stale: This is an old account, or an account with no or few recent edits. {{RFPP|co}}
{{AIV|c}} Content dispute. Consider dispute resolution. {{UAA|ci}} This noticeboard is for blatant violations of the username policy. Consider taking this report to the conflict of interest noticeboard. {{RFPP|aiv}}
{{AIV|ns}} User has been incorrectly or insufficiently warned. Re-report if the user resumes vandalising after being warned sufficiently. {{UAA|r}} This noticeboard is for blatant violations of the username policy. Consider taking this report to WP:RFPP. {{RFPP|np}} Declined – Pages are not protected pre-emptively.
{{AIV|np}} Blocks are preventative, not intended to be used as punishment. {{UAA|np}} np {{RFPP|nhr}}
{{AIV|nv}} Edits are not vandalism. Please ensure recent edits constitute vandalism before re-reporting. {{UAA|su}} su {{RFPP|dr}} Declined – Consider dispute resolution.
{{AIV|d}} Page deleted. {{UAA|fp}} fp {{RFPP|ut}} Declined – User talk pages are not protected except in response to severe or continued vandalism.
{{AIV|e}} Stale report. {{UAA|c}} Comment: {{RFPP|her}}
{{AIV|sn}} Report was good at the time, but is now stale. Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. {{RFPP|b}} User(s) blocked
{{RFPP|tb}} User(s) re-blocked with talk page editing disallowed
{{RFPP|u}} Unprotected
{{RFPP|nu}} Not unprotected
{{RFPP|cr}} Not unprotected – Please create a sourced version of this article in a subpage or your userspace. When this is done, please make the request again, or ask any administrator to move the page for you.
{{RFPP|au}} Already unprotected
{{RFPP|ap}} Already protected
{{RFPP|ad}} Already done
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