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විකිපීඩියා:Usernames for administrator attention

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 Usernames for administrator attention

Guidelines for filing editors – please read:

Do not report a username unless it is:

  1. Clearly inappropriate and a blatant violation of the username policy, and
  2. Has made recent edits (within the last 2–3 weeks at the outside). Accounts that haven't edited in 3 weeks or more should not be reported.

Remember to assume good faith, and to not bite the newcomers. You should be familiar with the UAA instructions before creating or acting upon a report.

  • For blatantly obvious violations of username policy: Report the name here with an explanation of what is problematic with the username in relation to policy. Note that not all violations require blocks, and some names will be monitored instead. These names will go to the holding pen.
  • For ordinary violations of the username policy: Do not use this page. Instead, warn the user and ask them to change their name, possibly using the {{subst:uw-username}} template.
  • If the user has already been warned of their violation: Consider taking your request to RFCN, which is a forum for discussing possible violations after the user has already been notified and has refused or continues to edit without addressing the issue.
  • The name is a possible violation, but there's another policy concern: It is usually better to block for the bigger problem. A vandal, spammer, or editor with a possible conflict of interest who also has a username issue should be reported to the the most appropriate noticeboard. See the UAA instructions for more help with these situations.

Please note that anyone may edit under their real name; do not report these usernames here unless you have very good reason to believe that the user is an impersonator.

Keep in mind that non-admins are encouraged to comment on reports at this noticeboard and to participate in talk page discussions.

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Note: Administrators should also kindly consider usernames listed at Filter 149, Filter 188, Filter 354, WP:UAA/HP and CAT:UAA.