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විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

CharInsert is an editing tool that shows under the edit window and allows the insertion of various characters and symbols that may be difficult to add from the keyboard.

Copy and paste: – — ° ′ ″ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ± − × ÷ ← → · §   Sign your posts on talk pages: ~~~~   Cite your sources: <ref></ref>

The listed symbols are:

en dash not equal to ÷ obelus
em dash less than or equal to left arrow
° degree greater than or equal to right arrow
prime ± plus-minus sign · interpunct
double prime minus sign § section sign
approximately equal × multiplication sign

{{}}   {{{}}}   |   []   [[]]   [[Category:]]   #REDIRECT [[]]   &nbsp;   <s></s>   <sup></sup>   <sub></sub>   <code></code>   <pre></pre>   <blockquote></blockquote>   <ref></ref> <ref name="" />   {{Reflist}}   <references />   <includeonly></includeonly>   <noinclude></noinclude>   {{DEFAULTSORT:}}   <nowiki></nowiki>   <!-- -->   <span class="plainlinks"></span>

Symbols: ~ | ¡ ¿ † ‡ ↔ ↑ ↓ • ¶   # ∞   ‘ ’ “ ” ‹› «»   ¤ ₳ ฿ ₵ ¢ ₡ ₢ $ ₫ ₯ € ₠ ₣ ƒ ₴ ₭ ₤ ℳ ₥ ₦ № ₧ ₰ £ ៛ ₨ ₪ ৳ ₮ ₩ ¥   ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦   ♭ ♯ ♮   © ® ™

A a Á á À à  â Ä ä Ǎ ǎ Ă ă Ā ā à ã Å å Ą ą Æ æ Ǣ ǣ   B b   C c Ć ć Ċ ċ Ĉ ĉ Č č Ç ç   D d Ď ď Đ đ Ḍ ḍ Ð ð   E e É é È è Ė ė Ê ê Ë ë Ě ě Ĕ ĕ Ē ē Ẽ ẽ Ę ę Ẹ ẹ Ɛ ɛ Ǝ ǝ Ə ə   F f   G g Ġ ġ Ĝ ĝ Ğ ğ Ģ ģ   H h Ĥ ĥ Ħ ħ Ḥ ḥ   I i İ ı Í í Ì ì Î î Ï ï Ǐ ǐ Ĭ ĭ Ī ī Ĩ ĩ Į į Ị ị   J j Ĵ ĵ   K k Ķ ķ   L l Ĺ ĺ Ŀ ŀ Ľ ľ Ļ ļ Ł ł Ḷ ḷ Ḹ ḹ   M m Ṃ ṃ   N n Ń ń Ň ň Ñ ñ Ņ ņ Ṇ ṇ Ŋ ŋ   O o Ó ó Ò ò Ô ô Ö ö Ǒ ǒ Ŏ ŏ Ō ō Õ õ Ǫ ǫ Ọ ọ Ő ő Ø ø Œ œ   Ɔ ɔ   P p   Q q   R r Ŕ ŕ Ř ř Ŗ ŗ Ṛ ṛ Ṝ ṝ   S s Ś ś Ŝ ŝ Š š Ş ş Ș ș Ṣ ṣ ß   T t Ť ť Ţ ţ Ț ț Ṭ ṭ Þ þ   U u Ú ú Ù ù Û û Ü ü Ǔ ǔ Ŭ ŭ Ū ū Ũ ũ Ů ů Ų ų Ụ ụ Ű ű Ǘ ǘ Ǜ ǜ Ǚ ǚ Ǖ ǖ   V v   W w Ŵ ŵ   X x   Y y Ý ý Ŷ ŷ Ÿ ÿ Ỹ ỹ Ȳ ȳ   Z z Ź ź Ż ż Ž ž   ß Ð ð Þ þ Ŋ ŋ Ə ə   {{Unicode|}}

Ά ά Έ έ Ή ή Ί ί Ό ό Ύ ύ Ώ ώ   Α α Β β Γ γ Δ δ   Ε ε Ζ ζ Η η Θ θ   Ι ι Κ κ Λ λ Μ μ   Ν ν Ξ ξ Ο ο Π π   Ρ ρ Σ σ ς Τ τ Υ υ   Φ φ Χ χ Ψ ψ Ω ω   {{Polytonic|}}

For tables showing Greek letters with all existing combinations of diacritics, see Greek diacritics § Unicode.

А а Б б В в Г г   Ґ ґ Ѓ ѓ Д д Ђ ђ   Е е Ё ё Є є Ж ж   З з Ѕ ѕ И и І і   Ї ї Й й Ј ј К к   Ќ ќ Л л Љ љ М м   Н н Њ њ О о П п   Р р С с Т т Ћ ћ   У у Ў ў Ф ф Х х   Ц ц Ч ч Џ џ Ш ш   Щ щ Ъ ъ Ы ы Ь ь   Э э Ю ю Я я  

This section shows only for the JavaScript version of CharInsert.

אבגדהוזחטיכךלמםנןסעפףצץקרשת ׳ ״ װױײ

This section shows only for the JavaScript version of CharInsert.

ا ﺁ ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ك ل م ن ه ة و ي ى ء أ إ ؤ ئ Transliteration: ʾ ṯ ḥ ḫ ẖ ḏ š ṣ ḍ ṭ ẓ ʿ ġ ẗ

This section shows only for the JavaScript version of CharInsert.

ˈ ˌ ŋ ɡ tʃ dʒ ʃ ʒ θ ð ʔ iː ɪ uː ʊ ʌ ɜr eɪ ɛ æ oʊ ɒ ɔː ɔɪ ɔr ɑː ɑr aɪ aʊ ə ər ɨ ɵ ʉ {{angle.bracket|}} {{IPAc-en|}} {{IPA-en|}} {{IPA|}}

For the pronunciation of these symbols, see Help:IPA/English.

t̪ d̪ ʈ ɖ ɟ ɡ ɢ ʡ ʔ   ɸ β θ ð ʃ ʒ ɕ ʑ ʂ ʐ ç ʝ ɣ χ ʁ ħ ʕ ʜ ʢ ɦ   ɱ ɳ ɲ ŋ ɴ   ʋ ɹ ɻ ɰ   ʙ ⱱ ʀ ɾ ɽ   ɫ ɬ ɮ ɺ ɭ ʎ ʟ   ɥ ʍ ɧ   ʼ   ɓ ɗ ʄ ɠ ʛ   ʘ ǀ ǃ ǂ ǁ   ɨ ʉ ɯ   ɪ ʏ ʊ   ø ɘ ɵ ɤ   ə ɚ   ɛ œ ɜ ɝ ɞ ʌ ɔ   æ   ɐ ɶ ɑ ɒ   ʰ ʱ ʷ ʲ ˠ ˤ ⁿ ˡ   ˈ ˌ ː ˑ ̪   {{IPA|}}

The listed symbols are:

t̪ d̪ voiceless and voiced dental stops
ʈ ɖ voiceless and voiced retroflex stops
ɟ ɡ ɢ voiced palatal, velar, and uvular stops
ʡ ʔ epiglottal and glottal stops
ɸ β voiceless bilabial fricative
and voiced bilabial fricative or approximant
θ ð voiceless dental fricative
and voiced dental fricative or approximant
ʃ ʒ voiceless and voiced palato-alveolar sibilants
ɕ ʑ voiceless and voiced alveolo-palatal sibilants
ʂ ʐ voiceless and voiced retroflex sibilants
ç ʝ voiceless and voiced palatal fricatives
ɣ voiced velar fricative
χ ʁ voiceless uvular fricative
and voiced uvular fricative or approximant
ħ ʕ voiceless pharyngeal fricative
and voiced pharyngeal fricative or approximant
ʜ ʢ voiceless epiglottal fricative
and voiced epiglottal fricative or approximant
ɦ voiced glottal fricative
ɱ ɳ ɲ ŋ ɴ labiodental, retroflex, palatal, velar, and uvular nasals
ʋ labiodental approximant
ɹ ɻ ɰ alveolar, retroflex, and velar approximants
ʙ ⱱ bilabial trill and flap
ʀ uvular trill
ɾ ɽ alveolar and retroflex flap
ɫ velarized or pharyngealized alveolar lateral approximant
ɬ ɮ voiceless and voiced alveolar lateral fricative
ɺ alveolar lateral flap
ɭ ʎ ʟ retroflex, palatal, and velar lateral approximants
ɥ labialized palatal approximant

ʍ voiceless labio-velar approximant
ɧ sj-sound
ʼ ejective consonant
ɓ ɗ ʄ ɠ ʛ voiced bilabial, alveolar, palatal, velar, and uvular implosive
ʘ ǀ ǃ ǂ ǁ bilabial, dental, alveolar, palatal, and lateral clicks
ɨ ʉ close central unrounded and rounded vowels
ɯ close back unrounded vowel
ɪ ʏ near-close near-front unrounded and rounded vowels
ʊ near-close near-back rounded vowel
ø close-mid front rounded vowel
ɘ ɵ close-mid central unrounded and rounded vowels
ɤ close-mid back unrounded vowel
ə ɚ mid-central vowel or schwa and r-colored schwa
ɛ œ close-mid front unrounded and rounded vowels
ɜ ɝ close-mid central unrounded vowel and r-colored version
ɞ close-mid central rounded vowel
ʌ ɔ close-mid back unrounded and rounded vowels
æ ɐ near-open front and central vowels
ɶ open front rounded vowel
ɑ ɒ open back unrounded and rounded vowels
ʰ ʱ aspirated and breathy-voiced consonants
ʷ labialized consonant
ʲ palatalized consonant
ˠ ˤ velarized and pharyngealized consonants
ⁿ ˡ lateral and nasal release
ˈ ˌ primary and secondary stress
ː ˑ long or half-long vowel or consonant
̪ dental consonant
{{IPA|}} generic IPA template

Math and logic


This section shows only for the JavaScript version of CharInsert.

− × ÷ ⋅ ° ∗ ∘ ± ∓ ≤ ≥ ≠ ≡ ≅ ≜ ≝ ≐ ≃ ≈ ⊕ ⊗ ⇐ ⇔ ⇒ ∞ ← ↔ → ≪ ≫ ∝ √ ∤ ≀ ◅ ▻ ⋉ ⋊ ⋈ ∴ ∵ ↦ ¬ ∧ ∨ ⊻ ∀ ∃ ∈ ∉ ∋ ⊆ ⊈ ⊊ ⊂ ⊄ ⊇ ⊉ ⊋ ⊃ ⊅ ∪ ∩ ∑ ∏ ∐ ′ ∫ ∬ ∭ ∮ ∇ ∂ ∆ ∅ ℂ ℍ ℕ ℙ ℚ ℝ ℤ ℵ ⌊ ⌋ ⌈ ⌉ ⊤ ⊥ ⊢ ⊣ ⊧ □ ∠ ⟨ ⟩ <math></math> {{math|}} {{mvar|}} {{frac|}} {{sfrac|}}

To add custom entries, adapt this code, and place it in your common.js:

// Add custom CharInsert entries
window.charinsertCustom = {
 "Insert": ' Mention: {\{u|+}}  {\{ping|+}}',

that will append the {{u}} and {{ping}} code to the Insert menu.

  • In this example, "Insert": is the name of the menu the new markup is being added to; it is enclosed in quotes" followed by a colon :; to create a new menu simply use a new name
  • In this example, Mention: is a heading within the entries; anything ending in a colon is a heading; use an underscore _ to replace a space
  • The content within the single quotes ' ' is the new markup; use a dot . to replace a space; the entry may need to be enclosed within <nowiki>...</nowiki> to prevent it from being parsed
  • + is where your cursor will appear after the text is inserted, or if you already have text highlighted when you click them then that text will be properly surrounded by the markup
  • For multiple menus, end all lines with a comma , except for the last line
  • To include a single literal \ use four backslashes \\\\ (this will appear as double-\ on menu display.); for example <math>\\\\scriptstyle{+}</math>.
  • Add a newline as \n
  • These available operators can be derived from the source code MediaWiki:Gadget-charinsert-core.js: function createTokens

To add multiple entries to a menu, enclose them all in the single quotes and separate them with a space:

// Add custom CharInsert entries
window.charinsertCustom = {
 "Insert": '<code>+</code> <code><nowiki>+</nowiki></code>',

To add entries to multiple menus:

// Add custom CharInsert entries
window.charinsertCustom = {
 "Insert": ' Mention: {\{u|+}}  {\{ping|+}}',
 "Wiki markup": ' Mention: {\{u|+}}  {\{ping|+}}'

To create a new menu, use a new name:

// Add custom CharInsert entries
window.charinsertCustom = {
 'Insert2': ' – — ° ′ ″ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ± − × ÷ ← → · §  <code>+</code> <code><nowiki>+</nowiki></code>'

To copy entries from one menu to another, browse to MediaWiki:Edittools and click on edit. You can copy any entry and paste it into your customized menu.

Other entries that may be useful:

  • <poem></poem>
  • <syntaxhighlight.lang="css">\n+\n</syntaxhighlight>
  • 'CSS': ' style="+" margin:.1em.auto; text-align:.center; margin-left:.auto; margin-right:.auto; width:."+%"; background-color:.#+; '

If CharInsert does not show:

In the Interface section: (Wikisource)

  • Ensure මනාප → Gadgets → site is checked. The General utilities needed by the templates and portals of this wiki project.

In the Editing tools section:

  • Ensure මනාප → Gadgets → CharInsert is checked. The tool uses JavaScript by default. Check your various JavaScript configurations at මනාප → Appearance. If an invalid entry is added, it will break all uses of JS but since JS is enabled it will not fallback to MediaWiki:Edittools. Personal JS pages will now show an error on save if there is an invalid entry, so an attempt to edit and save will point out issues.

If JavaScript is enabled, then CharInsert is added as a Gadget defined at MediaWiki:Gadget-charinsert.js which uses JavaScript to load CharInsert from MediaWiki:Gadget-charinsert-core.js. The Gadget is enabled by default but can be disabled through මනාප → Gadgets → CharInsert.

If JavaScript is disabled, then the CharInsert software extension is called, which uses the symbols defined at MediaWiki:Edittools. Not all of the symbol sets are included in MediaWiki:Edittools. This mode is also used if the bits server fails to yield all the needed Javascript and CSS.

For discussion, see MediaWiki talk:Edittools.

"https://si.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=උදවු:CharInsert&oldid=623168" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි