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විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
CategoryOxide mineral – Hematite group
රසායනික සූත්‍රයAluminium oxide, Al2O3
Strunz classification04.CB.05
Dana classification4.3.1.1
Crystal symmetryTrigonal (32/m)
Unit cella = 4.75 Å, c = 12.982 Å; Z=6
පාට / පැහැයColorless, gray, brown; pink to pigeon-blood-red, orange, yellow, green, blue to cornflower blue, violet; may be color zoned, asteriated mainly grey and brown
Crystal habitSteep bipyramidal, tabular, prismatic, rhombohedral crystals, massive or granular
Crystal systemTrigonal (Hexagonal Scalenohedral)
Symbol (32/m)
Space group: R3c
TwinningPolysynthetic twinning common
CleavageNone – parting in 3 directions
FractureConchoidal to uneven
Mohs scale hardness9 (defining mineral)[1]
LusterAdamantine to vitreous
DiaphaneityTransparent, translucent to opaque
Specific gravity3.95–4.10
Optical propertiesUniaxial (–)
Refractive indexnω = 1.767–1.772
nε = 1.759–1.763
Melting point2044 °C
Alters toMay alter to mica on surfaces causing a decrease in hardness
Other characteristicsMay fluoresce or phosphoresce under UV
Major varieties
SapphireAny color except red
EmeryBlack granular corundum intimately mixed with magnetite, hematite, or hercynite


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