Cannabis (drug)

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
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Cannabis Plant.jpg
A flowering cannabis plant
Product nameCannabis
Source plant(s)Cannabis sativa, Cannabis sativa forma indica, Cannabis ruderalis
Part(s) of plantFlower
Geographic originCentral Asia and Indian subcontinent[2]
Active ingredientsTetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabinol, tetrahydrocannabivarin
Main producersAfghanistan,[3] Canada,[4] China, Colombia,[5] India,[3] Jamaica,[3] Lebanon,[6] Mexico,[7] Morocco,[3] Netherlands, Pakistan, Paraguay,[7] Spain,[3] Thailand, Turkey, United States[3]
Legal status
  • AU: S9 (Prohibited)
  • CA: Unscheduled
  • DE: Medical cannabis from state-controlled production: Anlage III, other cannabis: I
  • UK: Class B
  • US: Schedule I (legal recreationally in 11 states & DC; medically legal in 33 states)
  • UN: Narcotic Schedule I

කංසා එසේත් නැත්නම් ගංජා (ඉංග්‍රීසි:  Cannabis, marijuana) යනු Cannabis පැලෑටියෙන් නිපදවන psychoactive drug එකකි. 2020 නොවැම්බර් මාසයේදී මෙය ආපදා අවම මත්ද්‍රව්‍යක් ලෙස නම් කරන ලදී.[8]


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