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විකිපීඩියා:ස්වයංක්‍රීයව මුර සංචාරයවන

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
(විකිපීඩියා:Autopatrolled වෙතින් යළි-යොමු කරන ලදි)
මෙම ලිපියේ අඩංගු කරුණු සැකෙවින්: The autopatrolled permission automatically marks new articles created by editors with the permission as patrolled, thus saving time for new page patrollers. The right is granted to experienced users who have demonstrated an understanding of policy (especially WP:BLP, WP:Verifiability and WP:Notability) and have already created a good number of articles.

The autopatrolled (formerly autoreviewer) user right is intended to reduce the workload of new page patrollers and causes articles created by autopatrolled users to be automatically marked as patrolled. It means that the user can be trusted not to submit inappropriate material, deliberately or otherwise, and that the user submits new material often enough that it is more efficient to mark it all as approved preemptively.

Any administrator can grant this right at their discretion to trusted users who regularly create articles and have demonstrated they are familiar with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines (especially WP:BLP, WP:Verifiability and WP:Notability). A suggested requirement is 75 valid articles, not including redirects. If you wish to request Autopatrolled rights for yourself or another user, please see Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Autopatrolled. Administrators do not need to request or add this user right for themselves or other administrators; it is automatically granted as part of the administrator tools package (specifically, the autopatrolled permission).

There are 0 autopatrolled users, which makes the total number of users with this permission 3 (the rest are administrators).

මෙය ක්‍රියාත්මක වන්නේ කෙසේද?[සංස්කරණය]

සාමාන්‍ය ක්‍රියාවලිය

ස්වයං මුර සංචාරක බලතල නොමැති පරිශීලකයෙකු විසින් සාදන ලද පිටුවක් එය නිම වූ වහාම අළුත් පිටු තුළට ඇතුළත් කෙරේ. අදාල බලතළ ඇති පරිශීලකයෙකු විසින් එම පිටුව නිරීක්‍ෂණය කර, නිරීක්‍ෂණය කරල ලද්දක් ලෙසින් සලකුණු කෙරේ.

ස්වයංක්‍රීයව මුර සංචාරයවන ක්‍රියාවලිය

ස්වයං මුර සංචාරක බලතල තිබෙන පරිශීලකයෙකු විසින් සාදන ලද පිටුවක් ස්වයංනිරීක්‍ෂණයක් කර ඇතැයි සලකා මීඩියාවිකි මෘදුකාංගය විසින් අළුත් පිටු තුළට ඇතුළත් නොකෙරේ. නැතහොත් එය ස්වයංනිරීක්‍ෂණයක් කර ඇතැයි ස්වයංක්‍රීයව සලකුණු කෙරේ.

Patrolled edits[සංස්කරණය]

A feature introduced in MediaWiki 1.4 is Patrolled edits. After clicking 'diff' on a change in Special:Recentchanges, you may see a link at the bottom, similar to the one below. Patrolled edits are restricted to administrators in most Mediawiki projects, or other groups with the autopatrol right. Users with the patrol right can also patrol the edits of others, as demonstrated below.


Patrolling edits is a way to indicate that the edit is beneficial, and to aid collaboration on filtering spam and vandalism. In the recent changes list, if you see an article which is good, you can mark it as "patrolled" so that other users know that it is good and do not necessarily have to re-check it.

Policies may vary among projects whether an article can be marked as patrolled if it is not obvious vandalism, or only when the correctness has been verified. For example, the English Wikipedia has recently implemented a different system of patrolling new pages and not each individual edit. See this page for more information.

In the Recent Changes, an unpatrolled edit looks like this:

While a patrolled one would be like this:

Note: The “අවහිර කරන්න” link is only visible when logged on to an account with sysop rights.

පොදු වැරදි ලෙස වටහා ගැනීම්[සංස්කරණය]

  • New Page Patrollers: Only people who are creating brand-new pages can use this. This userright is only useful in the act of creating a new page. It does nothing at all when the user is looking at or patrolling pages.
  • Article Expanders: Only people who create the page (e.g., by clicking on a redlink) can use this. If you're expanding a page that someone else started, then the userright is not active.
  • "It will help me create articles": No, it won't. We assign this userright to prolific article creators to help the NPPers focus on pages created by inexperienced editors. The point of this userright is to help the NPPers, not to help the article creators.
  • Inexperienced Editors: Because this userright bypasses one of our human-based screening programs, the community needs to trust that you're creating good-quality articles on notable topics. If you have little experience, or if your experience suggests only a partial understanding of the relevant policies and guidelines, then you do not qualify for this userright.

මේවාත් බලන්න[සංස්කරණය]