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විකිපීඩියා:ප්‍රකාශන හිමිකම් ගැටඵ

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
Blatant copyright infringements may be speedily deleted if:
  • Material was copied from a source which does not have a license compatible with Wikipedia;
  • There is no non-infringing content in the page history worth saving.
  • The text on Wikipedia really is an infringement of another source (Wikipedia has numerous mirrors — Make sure we're copying someone else, not the other way around)
  • Uploader does not assert permission, or the assertion is questionable

After notifying the uploading editor, add one of these to the page:

{{db-copyvio | url=insert URL of source here}}
{{db-copyvio | describe non-web source here}}

An administrator will examine the article and decide whether to delete it or not. You should not blank the page in this instance.

If infringement is not blatant or the speedy deletion criteria do not apply:

to the bottom of the list. Put the page's name in place of "PageName". If you do not have a URL, enter a description of the source. (This text can be copied from the top of the template after substituting it and the page name and url will be filled for you)
  • Advise the contributor of the material at their talk page. The template on the now blanked page supplies a notice you may use for that purpose.
  • You're done!

විකිපීඩියා:ප්‍රකාශන හිමිකම් ගැටඵ/ලැයිස්තු ගත කිරීම්