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සැකිල්ල:නො-නිදහස් භාවිත තාර්කිකත්ව මෘදුකාංග තිරරාමුව/ලේඛය

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

This template is based on {{Non-free use rationale 2}}, so use it in a similar manner.

Basic usage:

{{Non-free use rationale software screenshot
| Description       =  
| Author            = 
| Source            = 
| Article           = 
| Minimality        = <!-- yes / no -->
| Commercial        = <!-- yes / no -->

Full usage:

{{Non-free use rationale software screenshot
| Description         = 
| Author              = 
| Source              = 
| Publication         = 
| Date                = 
| Article             = 
| Purpose             = 
| Replaceability      = 
| Replaceability_text = 
| Minimality          = <!-- yes / no -->
| Commercial          = <!-- yes / no -->
| Other information   = 
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TemplateData for නො-නිදහස් භාවිත තාර්කිකත්ව මෘදුකාංග තිරරාමුව

This template is an alternative to {{Non-free use rationale}} but is meant to be used for screenshots only. Both are meant to facilitate creating non-free use rationales with the necessary components. Please read Wikipedia:Non-free content for the relevant policies. This template is used by the experimental Wikipedia:File Upload Wizard. Its parameter fields are slightly different from those of {{Non-free use rationale}} because they are designed to match the data produced by the upload questionnaire. They are also designed to correspond somewhat more closely to the original criteria as defined in WP:NFCC. The wizard will fill in some of the fields with standard values for some types of non-free files, but will prompt the uploader for specific input in those cases where rationale elements are typically not predictable and must be explained individually.

Template parameters[Edit template data]


A description of what the image is showing


The original creator of the subject of the screenshot


Must specify where this image has come from


The original source, i.e. where and how this non-free work was first published. Important in some cases where parts of the fair use justification may depend on this information

Date of subject releaseDate

Date of the general availability release of the version being shown. (Date of screenshooting is useless.)

Article nameArticle

Name of the article in which the image is about to be used. Must not be enclosed in [[ or ]].


What function this file will serve in the article. This explanation must make it clear how and why the file will significantly increase the reader's understanding of the topic, in such a way that its absence would be detrimental to the article (cf. WP:NFCC#8). Do not copy generic rationale verbiage from some templated rationales elsewhere. State in clear, plain words what this particular file will be doing in this particular article. Be specific and concrete.

Replaceability (Why not a free image?)Replaceability

Why there couldn't be a freely licensed replacement that would adequately serve the same purpose (cf. WP:NFCC#1). Please bear in mind that this is not merely about replacements that actually exist and are readily available, but also about the mere possibility that such a replacement could realistically be created.

Replaceability (Why not just text?)Replaceability_text

If necessary, explain why it wouldn't be possible to adequately treat the encyclopedic content with freely licensed text alone. Note that though this template field has been implemented as optional, Wikipedia policy requires that its consideration is satisfied (see WP:NFCC#1).


Can be set to "yes" to indicate that image only includes a portion of a screenshot, or can be set to "no" to indicate that image includes the entirety of a screenshot of the software in question to avoid misrepresentation. Alternatively, you can supply a full explanatory text.


Can be set to "yes" to indicate that our use of the file will not unduly infringe on any commercial interests of its copyright holders, by competing with the work's original market role. Alternatively, supply an explanatory text as to why this won't happen.

Other infoOther information

If there is anything else that needs to be known, put it here.