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ස්පාඤ්ඤ ජාතික පුස්තකාලය

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
ස්පාඤ්ඤ ජාතික පුස්තකාලය
Biblioteca Nacional de España
Established1712 (වසර 312 කට පෙර) (1712)
Reference to legal mandateRoyal Decree 1581/1991 on October 31st.
Items collectedbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and music recordings, patents, databases, maps, stamps, prints, drawings and manuscripts
Size26,000,000 items, including 15,000,000 books and other printed materials, 30,000 manuscripts, 143,000 newspapers and serials, 4,500,000 graphic materials, 510,000 music scores, etc.
Legal depositYes, by Decree on December 23rd 1957
Access and use
Access requirementsAccess to reproductions and post-1958 materials is open to Biblioteca Nacional library card holders. Access to pre-1958 materials is only allowed with a researcher card.[1] Materials in exceptional circumstances are subject to special restrictions.[2]
Members115,707 readers in 2007. The web users in the same year were 1,800,935.
Other information
DirectorAna Santos Aramburo (since 2013)
Staff1025 (including external employees)
National Library of Spain
ස්වදේශික නාමය
ස්පාඤ්ඤ: Biblioteca Nacional de España
පිහිටීමMadrid, Spain
නිල නාමය: Biblioteca Nacional de España
නම් කළේ1983
යොමු අං.RI-51-0004908
ස්පාඤ්ඤ ජාතික පුස්තකාලය is located in Spain
ස්පාඤ්ඤ ජාතික පුස්තකාලය
Spain තුළ National Library of Spain හි පිහිටීම

Biblioteca Nacional de España (ස්පාඤ්ඤ ජාතික පුස්තකාලය, ඉංග්‍රීසි:  National Library of Spain), යනු ස්පාඤ්ඤයේ පිහිටි විශාලතම පුස්තකාලය යි.


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