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Wikipedia has related sites for non-encyclopedic content.

Related sites

Wikipedia is for prose articles about subjects considered encyclopedic (along with some topics that would typically be found in an almanac).

Any article that simply defines a word, or short phrase, as you would find in a typical dictionary, and that can't be expanded into an encyclopedic entry, should be contributed to Wikipedia's sister project, Wiktionary.

Original source text, such as from a public domain book that you want to post to make it more accessible, should be contributed to one of Wikipedia's other sister projects, Wikisource.

For a list of all related projects, see the Complete list of Wikimedia projects.

Linking to the related sites

Say you have an uncommon word in an article that you write, that you think people might not understand. So you're tempted to try to link to it on Wikipedia, but there isn't enough to say about that word to make a real encyclopedia entry.

Link to its Wiktionary entry. (If Wiktionary doesn't have it yet, do everyone a favor and add it, even if it's just a brief definition. Other Wiktionarians will help flesh it out.)

Instead of the whole URL, you can use a wiki link similar to a regular Wikipedia link but with a special prefix. For example,


will link to the Wiktionary definition of the word "house". In your article it will appear as:


You can hide the "wiktionary:" part by adding a "pipe" (vertical bar) character:


as explained on the previous page, so that the result is:


The other projects have similar shortcuts. For more examples, see How to link to Wikimedia projects.

Linking to pages in other languages

You are viewing this article on the English version of Wikipedia, but there are Wikipedia editions with articles written in many other languages. Because of the large number of articles hosted on Wikipedia (currently 20,861 in English alone — over 2,500,000 in total), each of the approximately 100 different Wikipedia languages has its own server (identified by a prefix such as en for English). For a full list of Wikipedia languages and their shortcuts see Complete Wikipedia list.

To link from the English Wikipedia to the German article on Tony Blair, type:

[[:de:Tony Blair]]

(Be sure to use the leading colon.)

It will appear as:

de:Tony Blair

Similarly, to link from the German Wikipedia back to the article on Tony Blair in English, type:

[[:en:Tony Blair]]

It will appear as:

en:Tony Blair

To link to a separate project in a different language, one would type something like:

[[:q:de:Tony Blair]]

This links to the German Wikiquote's entry on Tony Blair and appears as:

q:de:Tony Blair
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