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පාරිසරික කලාප

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
පාරිසරික කලාපය

(WWF definition)

වර්ග ඵලය Notes
million square kilometres million square miles
Palearctic 54.1 20.9 including the bulk of Eurasia and North Africa
Nearctic 22.9 8.8 including most of North America
Afrotropic 22.1 8.5 including Sub-Saharan Africa
Neotropic 19.0 7.3 including South America, Central America, and the Caribbean
Australasia 7.6 2.9 including Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and neighbouring islands. The northern boundary of this zone is known as the Wallace line.
ඉන්දු-මලක්කා 7.5 2.9 including the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and southern China
Oceania 1.0 0.39 including Polynesia (except New Zealand), Micronesia, and the Fijian Islands
Antarctic 0.3 0.12 including Antarctica.
6 of the 8 ecozones according to the WWF
  Oceania and Antarctic ecozones not shown.
"https://si.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=පාරිසරික_කලාප&oldid=479716" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි