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විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

This template should only be used on set index articles in the main Wikipedia namespace. Usage in any other namespace will generate the following error message:

This template should be used only in the article (main) namespace.


  • {{Nickname|display}}
display – the unqualified nickname [optional]
  • A nickname page – Foo (nickname) – should have a brief lead that describes the history of the nickname. This can be a single sentence as in the example, Bertie (nickname). If this lead is absent, consider researching the nickname in Wiktionary, etc. to improve the nickname page.
  • Place {{Nickname}} at the bottom of nickname pages. Do not use this template on disambiguation pages that contain a list of people by nickname as well as other entries. Instead categorize the disambiguation page by adding [[Category:Nicknames]] to the disambiguation page to include it in Category:Nicknames.
  • If the page title is not the nickname itself, or when the page lists more than one form of the nickname, add the nickname(s) as the first parameter. For example, Baldy (nickname) uses {{Nickname|Baldy''', or '''Baldie}} which renders as:
  • If the page lists nicknamed topics in addition to or in lieu of people, use |variety= supplying any value to adjust the output such that {{Nickname|Baldy''', or '''Baldie|variety=yes}} will instead render as:
  • {{DEFAULTSORT}} controls sorting of all categories for consistency.
  • A maintenance category includes any template instances with too many or obsolete parameters. (This should be empty.)
  • If the template is being used in only a section, use the |section= parameter to modify the template's output to render section specific prose; for example: {{Nickname|Lee|section=yes}} renders as:

See also[සංස්කරණය]

  • {{Surname}} – For surname pages or sections of disambiguation pages that list people by surnames. Can also be used for pages with both surnames and given names
  • {{Hndis}} – For disambiguation pages that list articles associated with the same personal name.
  • {{R from nickname}} – Add to redirects instead of {{Nickname}}.
  • {{Nickname links}} – Aids searching for articles related to a nickname.
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