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විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

Use this template to add a little padding before a superscript so that it doesn't clash with adjacent – and especially italic – text:

{{isup|text to superscript}} for the default padding;
{{isup|N_units|text to superscript}} or, using another shortcut, {{padlsup|N_units|text to superscript}}
 for N_units of padding, where N_units is a number followed by a display-related unit (em, px, pt, etc). For example, {{padlsup|1px|blah}}.
{{i sup}} (with default padding) and <sup> compared
[[SS Kroonland|SS ''Kroonland'']]{{i sup|2}} produces: SS Kroonland2
[[SS Kroonland|SS ''Kroonland'']]<sup>2</sup> produces: SS Kroonland2
  • {{i smallsup}} for a version of this template where the superscripted text is rendered as <small>.
  • {{sup and sub-related templates}}

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