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සැකිල්ල:Bone and cartilage navs/doc

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This is an embedded medical navbox, which will appear within other navboxes. It aims to link to relevant templates in the given subject area.

Some notes

  1. This navbox links to relevant templates. That's why it's called an "index". It doesn't link to articles, so please don't include them.
  2. These are geared towards lay readers, not readers who are technically proficient. Do not replace easy to understand lay variants (e.g. "smell") with difficult variants lay readers will not understand (e.g. "olfaction")
  3. "Neoplasms and cancer" has been chosen to reflect the fact that not all tumours are benign. The word "cancer" has been included so lay readers will know where the template points.
  4. Many of the navboxes use standard terminology, so please consider that when making a change.

Templates used[සංස්කරණය]

සැකිල්ල:Medicine navs


  1. Template:Bacteria navs (edit discuss links history)
  2. Template:Biochemical families navs (edit discuss links history)
  3. Template:Bone and cartilage navs (edit discuss links history)
  4. Template:Breast navs (edit discuss links history)
  5. Template:Cell navs (edit discuss links history)
  6. Template:Central nervous system navs (edit discuss links history)
  7. Template:Congenital disease navs (edit discuss links history)
  8. Template:Digestive system navs (edit discuss links history)
  9. Template:DNA and protein biosynthesis navs (edit discuss links history)- Genetics ({{Protein biosynthesis navs}}, R)
  10. Template:Ear navs (edit discuss links history)
  11. Template:Endocrine navs (edit discuss links history) - Hormones
  12. Template:Enzyme navs (edit discuss links history)
  13. Template:Eye navs (edit discuss links history)
  14. Template:Fungus navs (edit discuss links history)
  15. Template:Heart navs (edit discuss links history)
  16. Template:Infestation navs (edit discuss links history) - Parasites and pests
  17. Template:Integument navs (edit discuss links history) - Skin
  18. Template:Joint navs (edit discuss links history)
  19. Template:Lymph immune and complement navs (edit discuss links history)
  20. Template:Lymphatic organ navs (edit discuss links history)
  21. Template:Metabolic navs (edit discuss links history) - Inborn errors of metabolism
  22. Template:Mouth navs (edit discuss links history)
  23. Template:Muscle navs (edit discuss links history)
  24. Template:Myeloid navs (edit discuss links history) - Cells from bone marrow
  25. Template:Neoplasia navs (edit discuss links history)
  26. Template:Nutrition navs (edit discuss links history)
  27. Template:Obstetric navs (edit discuss links history)
  28. Template:Olfaction navs (edit discuss links history) - Smell
  29. Template:Peripheral nervous system navs (edit discuss links history)
  30. Template:Protein classification navs (edit discuss links history)
  31. Template:Protozoan infection navs (edit discuss links history)
  32. Template:Psych navs (edit discuss links history) ({{Psychology navs}}, R)
  33. Template:Reproductive medicine navs (edit discuss links history) ({{Female reproductive system navs}}, R)
  34. Template:Respiratory system navs (edit discuss links history)
  35. Template:Signal transduction navs (edit discuss links history)
  36. Template:Skin appendage navs (edit discuss links history)
  37. Template:Taste navs (edit discuss links history)
  38. Template:Tooth navs (edit discuss links history)
  39. Template:Toxicology navs (edit discuss links history)
  40. Template:Urinary system navs (edit discuss links history)
  41. Template:Vascular navs (edit discuss links history) - Circulatory system
  42. Template:Virus navs (edit discuss links history)

Usage in navbox code[සංස්කරණය]

To be used in a parent navbox. All navs are set |child=yes.

See also[සංස්කරණය]

Cat:Navigational medicine meta-templates ('navs'; ca. 42+1 P)


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