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The WikiProject Council is a group of Wikipedians that encourage and assist with the development of WikiProjects. The council acts as a central point for inter-WikiProject discussion and collaboration. New to WikiProjects? See FAQs about WikiProjects for the answers to the most common inquiries. The WikiProject guideline page outlines generally accepted protocols and conventions.

What do we do?

  1. Document best practices for WikiProject structure and operation; see the WikiProject Guide and Task Force Guide.
  2. Provide a central forum for discussing issues of interest to a wide range of WikiProjects.
  3. Assist in the formation of new WikiProjects and revitalization of dormant WikiProjects. We manage the WikiProject proposals page and catalog tools available for building and maintaining WikiProjects. If you need help getting started, just ask at the talk page!
  4. Maintain a directory of WikiProjects to help interested editors find communities with similar interests.

How can you help?


There's no formal list of participants here, so there's no need to sign up. To help out, just monitor the talk page and join ongoing discussions! You can also help to update the manual WikiProject Directory by checking to see if section listings are up-to-date.

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