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විකිපීඩියා:Transwiki log

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්
This article is about the transwiki log. For the definition, see Help:Transwiki.
WP:TL redirects here. For information about templates, see Wikipedia:Template messages.

විකිපීඩියා:Transwiki log/Tabs - these archives contain only resolved entries, and exist as a record.

You can help by dealing with the articles listed here as having already been transwikied. Follow the instructions below to help out.

This is a log of all articles moved into or out of the English Wikipedia via the Transwiki scheme. If you are completing a transwiki, log which page was moved, and the address it moved to. You should sign your name using ~~~~. If a page listed for transfer was deleted, please record the reason why.

For information about transwiki-ing marked articles and listing them here, further details of the transwiki scheme can be found at m:Transwiki.

There are three possible routes for an article after a transwiki. After you have checked any of the following articles and ensured one of these steps has been taken, be sure to mark it by striking through the listing with "<s> </s>" tags and note how it was resolved. There is no voting involved; simply strike out the entry for whatever (valid) reason, note that reason, and your judgement is enough. Additionally, please do not sign resolutions, only new log entries, as the page is long enough as it is, and the signatures are unneeded. For example:

Note: any red links (deleted articles) below should always be crossed out as they have been successfully dealt with.

Crossed-out articles are eventually added to a permanent archive associated with this page (linked above), as a record.

(1.) Send to AfD/Use Proposed Deletion[සංස්කරණය]

Please only strike out an entry after a AfD/Prod listing has been resolved, so that the result can be logged here.

If an article has already been discussed on AfD, and the outcome was to transwiki, then it doesn't have to be discussed again but can simply be deleted (WP:CSD A5) if it is unencyclopedic.

After moving an article and its edit history, the article may be submitted for deletion. Either submit it to AfD or use the Proposed deletion tag, if there is no possible redirect for the article (see route #2) and it has no potential for encyclopedic growth (#3). Follow the normal deletion procedure. You may want to leave the following boilerplate text in place of the original article:

''The contents of this page and the page's history have been moved to [[interwiki:Transwiki:Article Name]] via the [[m:transwiki|transwiki]] system, all future edits should go there.'' ~~~~

(2.) Create a redirect[සංස්කරණය]

See Wikipedia:Redirect, Wikipedia:Merge, Wikipedia:Duplicate articles

If the information in the article would be more appropriate as part of another article, you can Merge and Redirect. If the information in the article already exists in another article, or if the title of the article could reasonably be considered a useable term by which a user would search for information, you can simply create a Redirect. If the topic is overly specific, and therefore has very little potential for growth, it is preferable to redirect the transwikied article to a more general article.

(3.) Expand the article[සංස්කරණය]

See Wikipedia:How to edit a page

Of course if the article has an obvious potential for encyclopedic growth, and has a conventional name, then you can help by expanding it!

Articles moved from this project to the Transwiki namespace of another project.[සංස්කරණය]

(The possible move within the other project need not be recorded here)

The actual log has been split into the following pages, click on the links below to see them:

Moved to commons.wikimedia.org
Moved to en.wikibooks.org
Moved to en.wikisource.org
Moved to en.wikiquote.org
Moved to en.wiktionary.org
Moved to meta.wikimedia
Moved to simple.wikipedia.org
Moved to yellowikis.org
Moved to wikia.com

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