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උදවු:Introduction to navigating Wikipedia/4

විකිපීඩියා වෙතින්

Navigating Wikipedia

The different types of pages

Searching pages
Tricks to find what you want

Page histories
See past revisions

Redirects and shortcuts
Redirecting traffic

Useful links
Handy pages for editors

Review of what you've learned

Every edit made to Wikipedia is recorded and (with rare exceptions) is publicly viewable in a page's history.

Circled location of the history tab

To access it, click the "ඉතිහාසය බලන්න" tab at the top of the article.

Page histories consist of rows, each representing a past revision of the page. Each line contains various elements with information or tools related to that revision:

Line from a Wikipedia page history, with annotations explaining elements

To see the difference between two revisions, adjust the radio buttons and then click තෝරාගත් සංශෝධන සසඳන්න.

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