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This template should be placed at the top of the article's lead section (unless the proposal is to rename a template, in which case be sure to wrap this notice in Noinclude tags). A pipe should be used to specify the new page title. Thus, {{ගෙනයාම්දැන්වීම|නවපිටුනාමය}} will render as:

Naturally, replace "newpagename" with the proposed page name the text would be moved to.

By default, discussion is directed to the talk page of the existing article. Optionally, the discussion page name can also be specified (with or without a section link). For example, {{ගෙනයාම්දැන්වීම|නවපිටුනාමය|discuss=Talk:Another page name#Some section heading}} will produce:

Used when suggesting a page be moved to a new title but the editor thinks there should be discussion on the talk page first. In the case of an uncontroversial or simple move (i.e. improper capitalization, or the page name is misspelled), be bold and simply move it without discussion. In the case of complicated moves where the move target is already taken, bring the page up at Wikipedia:Requested moves. In cases where the proposed title is already used, you will have to request an admin make the move - normally at the Requested moves page.

Be sure there is a redirect on the old page (generally the software will do this automatically) and that the lead now accurately reflects the page name (see WP:LEAD for more information).

In most cases the move is probably intuitively obvious and uncontroversial; use this tag only when it can be expected that the move may be opposed and consensus must be built first. This may require the use of reliable sources to clarify or substantiate the reasoning.

Arguments to the template are:

  1. The proposed new name. If this is omitted the text "to newname" is omitted from the output.
  2. The page to discuss it. This defaults to the article's own talk page, but a section within it may be useful.
  3. Some additional text which is added to the end of the first sentence, after a space. This can suggest a second or third alternative name, or give an extremely brief rationale.

If wider community input is needed to form a consensus, bring the page up at Wikipedia:Requested moves if you have not already done so.

Note about move versus merge[සංස්කරණය]

A page merge means the information on multiple pages will be combined into a single page, generally leaving redirects. A merge is appropriate when there is information to be combined rather than simply a title change.

See also[සංස්කරණය]