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ප්‍රවර්ග සාකච්ඡාව:Land of Israel

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727614112 2016-06-30T03:24:06Z Editor2020 removed [[Category:Historical regions in Israel]] using [[WP:HC|HotCat]] not a historical region in Israel
727613977 2016-06-30T03:22:50Z Editor2020 removed [[Category:History of Israel]] using [[WP:HC|HotCat]] categorization the other way around
721516796 2016-05-22T10:54:52Z Debresser Undid revision 721460062 by [[Special:Contributions/Drsmoo|Drsmoo]] ([[User talk:Drsmoo|talk]]) Dear Drsmo, the discussion points to a merge anyway, so let's stick with [[:Category:Levant]]. I hope you can agree with this.
721460062 2016-05-22T00:40:56Z Drsmoo added [[Category:Southern Levant]] using [[WP:HC|HotCat]]
721451421 2016-05-21T23:19:28Z Debresser Can be this one, as far as I am concerned.
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711333216 2016-03-22T07:23:26Z Greyshark09
711103308 2016-03-20T22:26:54Z Greyshark09 Palestine is not larger; Syria is larger
711102701 2016-03-20T22:22:03Z Greyshark09 removed [[Category:History of Palestine (region)]] using [[WP:HC|HotCat]] different region (somewhat overlapping)
710595543 2016-03-17T22:32:26Z Marcocapelle removed Ancient category, this is a geographical category hence not Ancient
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620061949 2014-08-06T07:18:43Z Israel is not part of Palestine.
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