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This is the documentation page for Module:IPA symbol

This module is used by {{IPA symbol}} and {{IPA link}}. Its data is found at Module:IPA symbol/data.


No errors were found. 434 entries (383 in "sounds", 51 in "diacritics"), 868 symbols (677 in "sounds", 191 in "diacritics").

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Name Symbols Article Audio Group
Voiceless bilabial nasal (Voiceless bilabial nasal) sounds
Bilabial nasal m (Bilabial nasal) Bilabial nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Labiodental nasal ɱ (Labiodental nasal) Labiodental nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Linguolabial nasal (Linguolabial nasal) Linguolabial nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Dental nasal (Dental nasal) sounds
Voiceless alveolar nasal (Voiceless alveolar nasal) sounds
Alveolar nasal n (Alveolar nasal) Alveolar nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Postalveolar nasal (Postalveolar nasal) sounds
Voiceless retroflex nasal ɳ̊ , ɳ̥ (Voiceless retroflex nasal) sounds
Retroflex nasal ɳ (Retroflex nasal) Retroflex nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal nasal n̠̊ʲ , ɲ̊˖ , ɲ̟̊ , ȵ̊ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal nasal) sounds
Alveolo-palatal nasal n̠ʲ , ɲ˖ , ɲ̟ , ȵ (Alveolo-palatal nasal) sounds
Voiceless palatal nasal ɲ̊ , ɲ̥ (Voiceless palatal nasal) sounds
Palatal nasal ɲ (Palatal nasal) Palatal nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Post-palatal nasal ɲ˗ , ɲ̠ , ŋ˖ , ŋ̟ (Post-palatal nasal) sounds
Voiceless velar nasal ŋ̊ , ŋ̥ (Voiceless velar nasal) sounds
Velar nasal ŋ (Velar nasal) Velar nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Pre-uvular nasal ɴ̟ , ŋ˗ , ŋ̠ (Pre-uvular nasal) sounds
Uvular nasal ɴ (Uvular nasal) Uvular nasal.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless bilabial stop p (Voiceless bilabial stop) Voiceless bilabial plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced bilabial stop b (Voiced bilabial stop) Voiced bilabial plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labiodental stop p̪ , p͆ (Voiceless labiodental stop) sounds
Voiced labiodental stop (Voiced labiodental stop) sounds
Voiceless linguolabial stop (Voiceless linguolabial stop) sounds
Voiced linguolabial stop (Voiced linguolabial stop) sounds
Voiceless dental stop (Voiceless dental stop) Voiceless dental stop.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced dental stop (Voiced dental stop) Voiced dental stop.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar stop t (Voiceless alveolar stop) Voiceless alveolar plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar stop d (Voiced alveolar stop) Voiced alveolar plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless postalveolar stop (Voiceless postalveolar stop) sounds
Voiced postalveolar stop (Voiced postalveolar stop) sounds
Voiceless retroflex stop ʈ (Voiceless retroflex stop) Voiceless retroflex stop.oga (play) sounds
Voiced retroflex stop ɖ (Voiced retroflex stop) Voiced retroflex stop.oga (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal stop t̠ʲ , c̟ , ȶ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal stop) sounds
Voiced alveolo-palatal stop d̠ʲ , ɟ˖ , ɟ̟ , ȡ (Voiced alveolo-palatal stop) sounds
Voiceless palatal stop c (Voiceless palatal stop) Voiceless palatal plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palatal stop ɟ (Voiced palatal stop) Voiced palatal plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless post-palatal stop c̠ , k̟ (Voiceless post-palatal stop) sounds
Voiced post-palatal stop ɟ˗ , ɟ̠ , ɡ˖ , ɡ̟ (Voiced post-palatal stop) sounds
Voiceless velar stop k (Voiceless velar stop) Voiceless velar plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced velar stop ɡ (Voiced velar stop) Voiced velar plosive 02.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless pre-uvular stop q˖ , q̟ , k̠ (Voiceless pre-uvular stop) sounds
Voiced pre-uvular stop ɢ̟ , ɡ˗ , ɡ̠ (Voiced pre-uvular stop) sounds
Voiceless uvular stop q (Voiceless uvular stop) Voiceless uvular plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced uvular stop ɢ (Voiced uvular stop) Voiced uvular stop.oga (play) sounds
Epiglottal stop ʡ (Epiglottal stop) Epiglottal stop.ogg (play) sounds
Glottal stop ʔ (Glottal stop) Glottal stop.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless bilabial affricate (Voiceless bilabial affricate) Voiceless bilabial affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced bilabial affricate (Voiced bilabial affricate) sounds
Voiceless labiodental affricate p̪f , p͆f , pf (Voiceless labiodental affricate) Voiceless labiodental affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced labiodental affricate b̪v , bv (Voiced labiodental affricate) Voiced labiodental affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless dental affricate t̪s̪ , ts̪ , t̟s̟ , ts̟ (Voiceless dental affricate) Voiceless dental sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiced dental affricate d̪z̪ , dz̪ , d̟z̟ , dz̟ (Voiced dental affricate) Voiced dental sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiceless dental non-sibilant affricate t̪θ , t̟θ , tθ (Voiceless dental non-sibilant affricate) Voiceless dental non-sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiced dental non-sibilant affricate d̪ð , d̟ð , dð (Voiced dental non-sibilant affricate) Voiced dental non-sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar affricate ts , ʦ (Voiceless alveolar affricate) Voiceless alveolar sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar affricate dz , ʣ (Voiced alveolar affricate) Voiced alveolar sibilant affricate.oga (play) sounds
Voiceless apico-alveolar affricate t̺s̺ , ts̺ , t̠s̠ , ts̠ (Voiceless apico-alveolar affricate) sounds
Voiced apico-alveolar affricate d̺z̺ , dz̺ , d̠z̠ , dz̠ (Voiced apico-alveolar affricate) sounds
Voiceless alveolar non-sibilant affricate tɹ̝̊ , tɹ̥ , tθ̠ , tθ͇ (Voiceless alveolar non-sibilant affricate) sounds
Voiced alveolar non-sibilant affricate dɹ̝ , dɹ , dð̠ , dð̳ (Voiced alveolar non-sibilant affricate) sounds
Voiceless palato-alveolar affricate t̠ʃ , tʃ , ʧ (Voiceless palato-alveolar affricate) Voiceless palato-alveolar affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palato-alveolar affricate d̠ʒ , dʒ , ʤ (Voiced palato-alveolar affricate) Voiced palato-alveolar affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant affricate t̠ɹ̠̊˔ , tɹ̠̊˔ , tɹ̝̊˗ , t̠ɹ̝̊˗ , t̠ɹ̠̊ , tɹ̠̊ (Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant affricate) Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant affricate d̠ɹ̠˔ , dɹ̠˔ , dɹ̝˗ , d̠ɹ̝˗ , d̠ɹ̠ , dɹ̠ (Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant affricate) Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex affricate ʈʂ , tʂ (Voiceless retroflex affricate) Voiceless retroflex affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced retroflex affricate ɖʐ , dʐ (Voiced retroflex affricate) Voiced retroflex affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate tɕ , cɕ , ʨ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate) Voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolo-palatal affricate dʑ , ɟʑ , ʥ (Voiced alveolo-palatal affricate) Voiced alveolo-palatal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless palatal affricate (Voiceless palatal affricate) Voiceless palatal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palatal affricate ɟʝ (Voiced palatal affricate) Voiced palatal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless post-palatal affricate c̠ç˗ , cç˗ , c̠ç̠ , cç̠ , k̟x̟ , kx̟ (Voiceless post-palatal affricate) sounds
Voiced post-palatal affricate ɟ˗ʝ˗ , ɟʝ˗ , ɟ̠ʝ̠ , ɟʝ̠ , ɡ˖ɣ˖ , ɡɣ˖ , ɡ̟ɣ̟ , ɡɣ̟ (Voiced post-palatal affricate) sounds
Voiceless velar affricate kx (Voiceless velar affricate) Voiceless velar affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced velar affricate ɡɣ (Voiced velar affricate) Voiced velar affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless pre-uvular affricate q˖χ˖ , qχ˖ , q̟χ̟ , qχ̟ , k̠x̠ , kx̠ (Voiceless pre-uvular affricate) sounds
Voiceless uvular affricate (Voiceless uvular affricate) Voiceless uvular affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced uvular affricate ɢʁ (Voiced uvular affricate) Voiced uvular affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless pharyngeal affricate ʡħ (Voiceless pharyngeal affricate) sounds
Voiceless epiglottal affricate ʡʜ (Voiceless epiglottal affricate) Voiceless epiglottal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced epiglottal affricate ʡʢ (Voiced epiglottal affricate) Voiced epiglottal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless glottal affricate ʔh (Voiceless glottal affricate) Voiceless glottal affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless bilabial fricative ɸ (Voiceless bilabial fricative) Voiceless bilabial fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced bilabial fricative β (Voiced bilabial fricative) Voiced bilabial fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labiodental fricative f (Voiceless labiodental fricative) Voiceless labiodental fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced labiodental fricative v (Voiced labiodental fricative) Voiced labiodental fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless linguolabial fricative θ̼ (Voiceless linguolabial fricative) sounds
Voiced linguolabial fricative ð̼ (Voiced linguolabial fricative) sounds
Voiceless dental fricative θ (Voiceless dental fricative) Voiceless dental fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced dental fricative ð (Voiced dental fricative) Voiced dental fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless dental sibilant (Voiceless dental sibilant) sounds
Voiced dental sibilant (Voiced dental sibilant) sounds
Voiceless denti-alveolar sibilant s̻̪ , s̪̻ , s̻͆ , s̟ (Voiceless denti-alveolar sibilant) sounds
Voiceless alveolar sibilant s (Voiceless alveolar sibilant) Voiceless alveolar sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar sibilant z (Voiced alveolar sibilant) Voiced alveolar sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless apico-alveolar sibilant s̺ , s̠ (Voiceless apico-alveolar sibilant) sounds
Voiced apico-alveolar sibilant z̺ , z̠ (Voiced apico-alveolar sibilant) sounds
Voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative θ̠ , θ͇ , ɹ̝̊ (Voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative) Voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar non-sibilant fricative ð̠ , ð̳ , ɹ̝ (Voiced alveolar non-sibilant fricative) Voiced alveolar non-sibilant fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar tapped fricative ɾ̞̊ (Voiceless alveolar tapped fricative) Voiceless alveolar tapped fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar tapped fricative ɾ̞ (Voiced alveolar tapped fricative) Voiced alveolar tapped fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless palato-alveolar fricative ʃ (Voiceless palato-alveolar fricative) Voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palato-alveolar fricative ʒ (Voiced palato-alveolar fricative) Voiced palato-alveolar sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant fricative ɹ̠̊˔ , ɹ̝̊˗ (Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant fricative) Voiceless postalveolar non-sibilant fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant fricative ɹ̠˔ , ɹ̝˗ (Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant fricative) Voiced postalveolar non-sibilant fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex fricative ʂ (Voiceless retroflex fricative) Voiceless retroflex sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced retroflex fricative ʐ (Voiced retroflex fricative) Voiced retroflex sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced retroflex non-sibilant fricative ɻ̝ , ɻ˔ (Voiced retroflex non-sibilant fricative) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative ɕ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative) Voiceless alveolo-palatal sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolo-palatal fricative ʑ (Voiced alveolo-palatal fricative) Voiced alveolo-palatal sibilant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless palatal fricative ç (Voiceless palatal fricative) Voiceless palatal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palatal fricative ʝ (Voiced palatal fricative) Voiced palatal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless post-palatal fricative ç˗ , ç̠ , x̟ (Voiceless post-palatal fricative) sounds
Voiced post-palatal fricative ʝ˗ , ʝ̠ , ɣ˖ , ɣ̟ (Voiced post-palatal fricative) sounds
Voiceless velar fricative x (Voiceless velar fricative) Voiceless velar fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced velar fricative ɣ (Voiced velar fricative) Voiced velar fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless pre-uvular fricative χ˖ , χ̟ , x̠ (Voiceless pre-uvular fricative) sounds
Voiced pre-uvular fricative ʁ̟ , ɣ˗ , ɣ̠ (Voiced pre-uvular fricative) sounds
Voiceless uvular fricative χ (Voiceless uvular fricative) Voiceless uvular fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced uvular fricative ʁ (Voiced uvular fricative) Voiced uvular fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless pharyngeal fricative ħ (Voiceless pharyngeal fricative) Voiceless pharyngeal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced pharyngeal fricative ʕ (Voiced pharyngeal fricative) Voiced pharyngeal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless glottal fricative h (Voiceless glottal fricative) Voiceless glottal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced glottal fricative ɦ (Voiced glottal fricative) Voiced glottal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless bilabial approximant β̞̊ , β̥˕ (Voiceless bilabial approximant) sounds
Bilabial approximant β̞ (Bilabial approximant) Bilabial approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labiodental approximant ʋ̥ , f̞ (Voiceless labiodental approximant) sounds
Labiodental approximant ʋ (Labiodental approximant) Labiodental approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless dental approximant θ̞ (Voiceless dental approximant) sounds
Dental approximant ð̞ (Dental approximant) sounds
Voiceless alveolar approximant ɹ̥ (Voiceless alveolar approximant) sounds
Alveolar approximant ɹ (Alveolar approximant) Alveolar approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Postalveolar approximant ɹ̠ (Postalveolar approximant) Postalveolar approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex approximant ɻ̊ (Voiceless retroflex approximant) sounds
Retroflex approximant ɻ (Retroflex approximant) Retroflex approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless palatal approximant (Voiceless palatal approximant) sounds
Palatal approximant j , ʝ˕ , ʝ̞ (Palatal approximant) Palatal approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Post-palatal approximant j˗ , j̠ , ɰ̟ , ɰ˖ , ʝ˕˗ , ʝ˗˕ , ʝ̞˗ , ɣ˕˖ , ɣ˖˕ , ɣ̞˖ (Post-palatal approximant) Post-palatal approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless velar approximant ɰ̊ , x̞ , ɣ̊˕ , ɣ̞̊ (Voiceless velar approximant) sounds
Velar approximant ɰ , ɣ˕ , ɣ̞ (Velar approximant) Voiced velar approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular approximant ʁ̞ (Uvular approximant) sounds
Pharyngeal approximant ʕ̞ (Pharyngeal approximant) sounds
Epiglottal approximant ʢ̞ (Epiglottal approximant) sounds
Creaky-voiced glottal approximant ʔ̞ , ʔ̰ (Creaky-voiced glottal approximant) sounds
Bilabial flap ⱱ̟ (Bilabial flap) sounds
Labiodental flap (Labiodental flap) Labiodental flap.ogg (play) sounds
Linguolabial tap ɾ̼ (Linguolabial tap) sounds
Dental flap ɾ̪ (Dental flap) sounds
Voiceless alveolar flap ɾ̥ (Voiceless alveolar flap) sounds
Alveolar flap ɾ (Alveolar flap) Alveolar tap.ogg (play) sounds
Postalveolar flap ɾ̠ (Postalveolar flap) sounds
Alveolar nasal flap ɾ̃ , n̆ (Alveolar nasal flap) sounds
Voiceless retroflex flap ɽ̊ (Voiceless retroflex flap) sounds
Retroflex flap ɽ (Retroflex flap) Retroflex flap.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular flap ɢ̆ , ʀ̆ (Uvular flap) sounds
Epiglottal flap ʡ̆ , ʕ̆ (Epiglottal flap) Epiglottal flap.oga (play) sounds
Voiceless bilabial trill ʙ̥ (Voiceless bilabial trill) Voiceless bilabial trill with aspiration.ogg (play) sounds
Bilabial trill ʙ (Bilabial trill) Bilabial trill.ogg (play) sounds
Linguolabial trill (Linguolabial trill) Linguolabial trill.ogg (play) sounds
Dental trill (Dental trill) sounds
Voiceless alveolar trill (Voiceless alveolar trill) Voiceless alveolar trill.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar trill r (Alveolar trill) Alveolar trill.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar fricative trill r̝̊ (Voiceless alveolar fricative trill) sounds
Voiced alveolar fricative trill (Voiced alveolar fricative trill) Raised alveolar non-sonorant trill.ogg (play) sounds
Postalveolar trill (Postalveolar trill) sounds
Voiceless retroflex trill ɽ̊ɽ̊ , ɽ̊r̥ , ɽr̥ (Voiceless retroflex trill) sounds
Retroflex trill ɽɽ , ɽr (Retroflex trill) sounds
Voiceless pre-uvular fricative trill ʀ̝̊˖ , ʀ̟̊˔ (Voiceless pre-uvular fricative trill) sounds
Voiced pre-uvular fricative trill ʀ̝˖ , ʀ̟˔ (Voiced pre-uvular fricative trill) sounds
Voiceless uvular trill ʀ̥ (Voiceless uvular trill) Voiceless uvular trill.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular trill ʀ (Uvular trill) Uvular trill.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless uvular fricative trill ʀ̝̊ (Voiceless uvular fricative trill) sounds
Voiced uvular fricative trill ʀ̝ (Voiced uvular fricative trill) sounds
Voiceless epiglottal trill ʜ (Voiceless epiglottal trill) Voiceless epiglottal trill.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced epiglottal trill ʢ (Voiced epiglottal trill) Voiced pharyngeal fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar lateral affricate tɬ , ƛ (Voiceless alveolar lateral affricate) Voiceless alveolar lateral affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar lateral affricate (Voiced alveolar lateral affricate) Voiced alveolar lateral affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex lateral affricate ʈɭ̊˔ , ʈɭ̊ (Voiceless retroflex lateral affricate) sounds
Voiceless palatal lateral affricate cʎ̝̊ , cʎ̥ (Voiceless palatal lateral affricate) Voiceless palatal lateral affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless velar lateral affricate kʟ̝̊ , kʟ̥ (Voiceless velar lateral affricate) Voiceless velar lateral affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced velar lateral affricate ɡʟ̝ , ɡʟ (Voiced velar lateral affricate) Voiced velar lateral affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless dental lateral fricative ɬ̪ (Voiceless dental lateral fricative) sounds
Voiced dental lateral fricative ɮ̪ , ɮ͆ (Voiced dental lateral fricative) sounds
Voiceless alveolar lateral fricative ɬ (Voiceless alveolar lateral fricative) Voiceless alveolar lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar lateral fricative ɮ (Voiced alveolar lateral fricative) Voiced alveolar lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex lateral fricative ɭ̊˔ , ꞎ (Voiceless retroflex lateral fricative) Voiceless retroflex lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced retroflex lateral fricative ɭ˔ (Voiced retroflex lateral fricative) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal lateral fricative ɬ̠ʲ , ʎ̝̊˖ , ȴ̊˔ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal lateral fricative) sounds
Voiceless palatal lateral fricative ʎ̝̊ (Voiceless palatal lateral fricative) Voiceless palatal lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced palatal lateral fricative ʎ̝ (Voiced palatal lateral fricative) sounds
Voiceless velar lateral fricative ʟ̝̊ (Voiceless velar lateral fricative) Voiceless velar lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced velar lateral fricative ʟ̝ (Voiced velar lateral fricative) Voiced velar lateral fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Dental lateral approximant (Dental lateral approximant) sounds
Voiceless alveolar lateral approximant (Voiceless alveolar lateral approximant) sounds
Alveolar lateral approximant l (Alveolar lateral approximant) Alveolar lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Postalveolar lateral approximant (Postalveolar lateral approximant) sounds
Voiceless retroflex lateral approximant ɭ̊ (Voiceless retroflex lateral approximant) sounds
Retroflex lateral approximant ɭ (Retroflex lateral approximant) Retroflex lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolo-palatal lateral approximant l̠̊ʲ , ʎ̟̊ , ȴ̊ (Voiceless alveolo-palatal lateral approximant) sounds
Alveolo-palatal lateral approximant l̠ʲ , ʎ̟ , ȴ (Alveolo-palatal lateral approximant) sounds
Voiceless palatal lateral approximant ʎ̥ (Voiceless palatal lateral approximant) sounds
Palatal lateral approximant ʎ (Palatal lateral approximant) Palatal lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless velar lateral approximant ʟ̥ (Voiceless velar lateral approximant) sounds
Velar lateral approximant ʟ (Velar lateral approximant) Velar lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular lateral approximant ʟ̠ (Uvular lateral approximant) Uvular lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar lateral flap ɺ (Alveolar lateral flap) Alveolar lateral flap.ogg (play) sounds
Retroflex lateral flap ɭ̆ (Retroflex lateral flap) sounds
Palatal lateral flap ʎ̆ (Palatal lateral flap) sounds
Velar lateral tap ʟ̆ (Velar lateral tap) sounds
Bilabial ejective (Bilabial ejective) Bilabial ejective plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Dental ejective t̪ʼ (Dental ejective) sounds
Alveolar ejective (Alveolar ejective) Alveolar ejective plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Retroflex ejective ʈʼ (Retroflex ejective) Retroflex ejective.ogg (play) sounds
Palatal ejective (Palatal ejective) Palatal ejective.ogg (play) sounds
Velar ejective (Velar ejective) Velar ejective plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular ejective (Uvular ejective) Uvular ejective plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Epiglottal ejective ʡʼ (Epiglottal ejective) Epiglottal ejective.ogg (play) sounds
Dental ejective affricate t̪θʼ , t̟θʼ , tθʼ (Dental ejective affricate) Dental ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar ejective affricate tsʼ (Alveolar ejective affricate) Alveolar ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Palato-alveolar ejective affricate t̠ʃʼ , tʃʼ (Palato-alveolar ejective affricate) Palato-alveolar ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Retroflex ejective affricate ʈʂʼ , tʂʼ (Retroflex ejective affricate) Retroflex ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolo-palatal ejective affricate t̠ɕʼ , tɕʼ , cɕʼ (Alveolo-palatal ejective affricate) sounds
Palatal ejective affricate cçʼ (Palatal ejective affricate) Palatal ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Velar ejective affricate kxʼ (Velar ejective affricate) Velar ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular ejective affricate qχʼ (Uvular ejective affricate) Uvular ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Bilabial ejective fricative ɸʼ (Bilabial ejective fricative) sounds
Labiodental ejective fricative (Labiodental ejective fricative) Labiodental ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Dental ejective fricative θʼ (Dental ejective fricative) Dental ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar ejective fricative (Alveolar ejective fricative) Alveolar ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Palato-alveolar ejective fricative ʃʼ (Palato-alveolar ejective fricative) Palato-alveolar ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Retroflex ejective fricative ʂʼ (Retroflex ejective fricative) Retroflex ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolo-palatal ejective fricative ɕʼ (Alveolo-palatal ejective fricative) Alveolo-palatal ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Palatal ejective fricative çʼ (Palatal ejective fricative) Palatal ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Velar ejective fricative (Velar ejective fricative) Velar ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular ejective fricative χʼ (Uvular ejective fricative) Uvular ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar lateral ejective affricate tɬʼ , ƛʼ (Alveolar lateral ejective affricate) Alveolar lateral ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Palatal lateral ejective affricate cʎ̝̊ʼ , cʎ̥ʼ (Palatal lateral ejective affricate) Palatal lateral ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Velar lateral ejective affricate kʟ̝̊ʼ , kʟ̥ʼ (Velar lateral ejective affricate) Velar lateral ejective affricate.ogg (play) sounds
Alveolar lateral ejective fricative ɬʼ (Alveolar lateral ejective fricative) Alveolar lateral ejective fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Tenuis bilabial click ʘ , kʘ (Tenuis bilabial click) Clic bilabial sourd.ogg (play) sounds
Tenuis dental click ǀ , kǀ (Tenuis dental click) Dental click.ogg (play) sounds
Tenuis alveolar click ǃ , kǃ (Tenuis alveolar click) Postalveolar click.ogg (play) sounds
Tenuis palatal click ǂ , kǂ (Tenuis palatal click) Palatoalveolar click.ogg (play) sounds
Back-released velar click ʞ (Back-released velar click) sounds
Voiced bilabial click ʘ̬ , ɡʘ (Voiced bilabial click) sounds
Voiced dental click ǀ̬ , ɡǀ (Voiced dental click) sounds
Voiced alveolar click ǃ̬ , ɡǃ (Voiced alveolar click) sounds
Tenuis retroflex click (Tenuis retroflex click) sounds
Voiced palatal click ǂ̬ , ɡǂ (Voiced palatal click) sounds
Voiced retroflex click ‼̬ , ɡ‼ (Voiced retroflex click) sounds
Bilabial nasal click ʘ̃ , ŋʘ (Bilabial nasal click) sounds
Dental nasal click ǀ̃ , ŋǀ (Dental nasal click) sounds
Alveolar nasal click ǃ̃ , ŋǃ (Alveolar nasal click) Intervocalic nasal alveolar clicks.ogg (play) sounds
Palatal nasal click ǂ̃ , ŋǂ (Palatal nasal click) sounds
Retroflex nasal click ‼̃ , ŋ‼ (Retroflex nasal click) sounds
Tenuis alveolar lateral click ǁ , kǁ (Tenuis alveolar lateral click) Alveolar lateral click.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced alveolar lateral click ǁ̬ , ɡǁ (Voiced alveolar lateral click) sounds
Alveolar lateral nasal click ǁ̃ , ŋǁ (Alveolar lateral nasal click) sounds
Glottalized bilabial nasal click ʘ̃ˀ , ʘˀ , ŋ̊ʘˀ , ŋʘˀ (Glottalized bilabial nasal click) sounds
Glottalized dental nasal click ǀ̃ˀ , ǀˀ , ŋ̊ǀˀ , ŋǀˀ (Glottalized dental nasal click) sounds
Glottalized alveolar nasal click ǃ̃ˀ , ǃˀ , ŋ̊ǃˀ , ŋǃˀ (Glottalized alveolar nasal click) sounds
Glottalized retroflex nasal click ‼̃ˀ , ‼ˀ , ŋ‼ˀ , ŋ̊‼ˀ (Glottalized retroflex nasal click) sounds
Glottalized palatal nasal click ǂ̃ˀ , ǂˀ , ŋ̊ǂˀ , ŋǂˀ (Glottalized palatal nasal click) sounds
Glottalized alveolar lateral nasal click ǁ̃ˀ , ǁˀ , ŋ̊ǁˀ , ŋǁˀ (Glottalized alveolar lateral nasal click) sounds
Voiceless bilabial implosive ɓ̥ , ƥ (Voiceless bilabial implosive) sounds
Voiced bilabial implosive ɓ (Voiced bilabial implosive) Voiced bilabial implosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless alveolar implosive ɗ̥ , ƭ (Voiceless alveolar implosive) sounds
Voiced alveolar implosive ɗ (Voiced alveolar implosive) Voiced alveolar implosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless retroflex implosive ᶑ̊ , ᶑ̥ (Voiceless retroflex implosive) sounds
Voiced retroflex implosive (Voiced retroflex implosive) sounds
Voiceless palatal implosive ʄ̊ , ʄ̥ , ƈ (Voiceless palatal implosive) sounds
Voiced palatal implosive ʄ (Voiced palatal implosive) Voiced palatal implosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless velar implosive ɠ̊ , ƙ (Voiceless velar implosive) sounds
Voiced velar implosive ɠ (Voiced velar implosive) Voiced velar implosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless uvular implosive ʛ̥ , ʠ (Voiceless uvular implosive) sounds
Voiced uvular implosive ʛ (Voiced uvular implosive) Voiced uvular implosive.ogg (play) sounds
Labial–alveolar nasal nm Labial–coronal consonant sounds
Labial–velar nasal ŋm (Labial–velar nasal) Labial-velar nasal stop.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labial–alveolar stop tp Labial–coronal consonant sounds
Voiced labial–alveolar stop db Labial–coronal consonant sounds
Voiceless labial–velar stop kp (Voiceless labial–velar stop) Voiceless labial-velar plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced labial–velar stop ɡb (Voiced labial–velar stop) Voiced labial-velar plosive.ogg (play) sounds
Uvular–epiglottal stop Uvular–epiglottal consonant sounds
Sj-sound ɧ (Sj-sound) Voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labialized palatal approximant ɥ̊ (Voiceless labialized palatal approximant) sounds
Labialized palatal approximant ɥ (Labialized palatal approximant) Labial-palatal approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Voiceless labialized velar approximant ʍ , w̥ , hw (Voiceless labialized velar approximant) Voiceless labio-velar fricative.ogg (play) sounds
Voiced labial–velar approximant w (Voiced labial–velar approximant) Voiced labio-velar approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Compressed voiced labio-velar approximant wᵝ , ɰᵝ Voiced labio-velar approximant sounds
Velarized dental lateral approximant ɫ̪ , l̪ˠ (Velarized dental lateral approximant) sounds
Velarized alveolar lateral approximant ɫ , lˠ (Velarized alveolar lateral approximant) Velarized alveolar lateral approximant.ogg (play) sounds
Nasal palatal approximant (Nasal palatal approximant) sounds
Nasal labialized velar approximant (Nasal labialized velar approximant) sounds
Voiceless nasal glottal approximant (Voiceless nasal glottal approximant) sounds
Close front unrounded vowel i (Close front unrounded vowel) Close front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close front rounded vowel y (Close front rounded vowel) Close front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close front compressed vowel y͍ , iᵝ (Close front compressed vowel) Close front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close front protruded vowel y̫ , yʷ , iʷ (Close front protruded vowel) sounds
Close central unrounded vowel ɨ , ï (Close central unrounded vowel) Close central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close central rounded vowel ʉ , ü (Close central rounded vowel) Close central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close central protruded vowel ʉ̫ , ʉʷ , ɨʷ (Close central protruded vowel) Close central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close central compressed vowel ÿ , ɨᵝ (Close central compressed vowel) sounds
Close back unrounded vowel ɯ (Close back unrounded vowel) Close back unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close back rounded vowel u (Close back rounded vowel) Close back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close back protruded vowel u̫ , uʷ , ɯʷ (Close back protruded vowel) Close back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close back compressed vowel u͍ , ɯᵝ (Close back compressed vowel) Ja-U.oga (play) sounds
Near-close front unrounded vowel ɪ , ɪ̟ , i̞ , e̝ (Near-close front unrounded vowel) Near-close near-front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close front rounded vowel ʏ , y̞ , y˕ , ø̝ (Near-close front rounded vowel) Near-close near-front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close front compressed vowel ʏ͍ , ɪᵝ (Near-close front compressed vowel) Near-close near-front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close front protruded vowel ʏ̫ , ʏʷ , ɪʷ (Near-close front protruded vowel) sounds
Near-close central unrounded vowel ɪ̈ , ɨ̞ , ɘ̝ (Near-close central unrounded vowel) Near-close central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close central rounded vowel ʊ̈ , ʊ̟ , ʉ̞ , ɵ̝ (Near-close central rounded vowel) sounds
Near-close central protruded vowel ʊ̫̈ , ʉ̫˕ , ʊ̈ʷ , ʉ̞ʷ , ɪ̈ʷ , ɨ̞ʷ (Near-close central protruded vowel) sounds
Near-close central compressed vowel ʏ̈ , ɨ̞ᵝ (Near-close central compressed vowel) sounds
Near-close back unrounded vowel ɯ̞ , ɯ̽ (Near-close back unrounded vowel) Near-close near-back unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close back rounded vowel ʊ , u̞ , o̝ (Near-close back rounded vowel) Near-close near-back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close back protruded vowel ʊ̫ , ʊʷ , ɯ̽ʷ , ɤ̝̈ʷ , u̫˕ , u̞ʷ , ɯ̞ʷ , ɤ̝ʷ (Near-close back protruded vowel) Near-close near-back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-close back compressed vowel ʊ͍ , ɯ̽ᵝ , ɯ̞̈ᵝ , ɯ̞ᵝ (Near-close back compressed vowel) sounds
Close-mid front unrounded vowel e (Close-mid front unrounded vowel) Close-mid front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid front rounded vowel ø (Close-mid front rounded vowel) Close-mid front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid front compressed vowel ø͍ , eᵝ (Close-mid front compressed vowel) Close-mid front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid front protruded vowel ø̫ , øʷ , eʷ (Close-mid front protruded vowel) sounds
Close-mid central unrounded vowel ɘ , ë , ɤ̈ (Close-mid central unrounded vowel) Close-mid central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid central rounded vowel ɵ , ö (Close-mid central rounded vowel) Close-mid central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid central protruded vowel ɵ̫ , ɵʷ , ɘʷ (Close-mid central protruded vowel) Close-mid central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid central compressed vowel ø̈ , ɘᵝ (Close-mid central compressed vowel) sounds
Close-mid back unrounded vowel ɤ (Close-mid back unrounded vowel) Close-mid back unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid back rounded vowel o (Close-mid back rounded vowel) Close-mid back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid back protruded vowel o̫ , oʷ , ɤʷ (Close-mid back protruded vowel) Close-mid back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Close-mid back compressed vowel o͍ , ɤᵝ (Close-mid back compressed vowel) sounds
Mid front unrounded vowel e̞ , ɛ̝ (Mid front unrounded vowel) Mid front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Mid front rounded vowel ø̞ , œ̝ (Mid front rounded vowel) sounds
Mid front compressed vowel ø͍˕ , œ͍˔ , e̞ᵝ , ɛ̝ᵝ (Mid front compressed vowel) sounds
Mid front protruded vowel ø̫˕ , œ̫˔ , ø̞ʷ , œ̝ʷ , e̞ʷ , ɛ̝ʷ (Mid front protruded vowel) sounds
Mid central vowel ə (Mid central vowel) Mid-central vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Mid central unrounded vowel ə̜ , ɘ̞ , ɜ̝ (Mid central unrounded vowel) Mid-central vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Mid central rounded vowel ə̹ , ɵ̞ , ɞ̝ (Mid central rounded vowel) Mid central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Mid back unrounded vowel ɤ̞ , ʌ̝ (Mid back unrounded vowel) sounds
Mid back rounded vowel o̞ , ɔ̝ (Mid back rounded vowel) Mid back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid front unrounded vowel ɛ (Open-mid front unrounded vowel) Open-mid front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid front rounded vowel œ (Open-mid front rounded vowel) Open-mid front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid front compressed vowel œ͍ , ɛᵝ (Open-mid front compressed vowel) Open-mid front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid front protruded vowel œ̫ , œʷ , ɛʷ (Open-mid front protruded vowel) sounds
Open-mid central unrounded vowel ɜ , ɛ̈ , ʌ̈ (Open-mid central unrounded vowel) Open-mid central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid central rounded vowel ɞ (Open-mid central rounded vowel) Open-mid central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid back unrounded vowel ʌ (Open-mid back unrounded vowel) Open-mid back unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open-mid back rounded vowel ɔ (Open-mid back rounded vowel) Open-mid back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-open front unrounded vowel æ (Near-open front unrounded vowel) Near-open front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-open central vowel ɐ (Near-open central vowel) Near-open central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-open central unrounded vowel ɐ̜ , ɜ̞ (Near-open central unrounded vowel) Near-open central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Near-open central rounded vowel ɐ̹ , ɞ̞ (Near-open central rounded vowel) sounds
Open front unrounded vowel a , æ̞ (Open front unrounded vowel) Open front unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open front rounded vowel ɶ (Open front rounded vowel) Open front rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open central unrounded vowel ä , ɑ̈ (Open central unrounded vowel) Open central unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open central vowel ɐ̞ (Open central vowel) sounds
Open central rounded vowel ɒ̈ , ɶ̈ (Open central rounded vowel) Open central rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open back unrounded vowel ɑ (Open back unrounded vowel) Open back unrounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
Open back rounded vowel ɒ (Open back rounded vowel) Open back rounded vowel.ogg (play) sounds
R-colored vowel ɚ , ɝ , ɹ̩ , ɻ̍ (R-colored vowel) En-us-er.ogg (play) sounds
Primary stress ˈ Stress (linguistics) sounds
Secondary stress ˌ (Secondary stress) sounds
Minor (foot) group | Prosodic unit sounds
Major (intonation) group Prosodic unit sounds
Syllable break . Syllable sounds
Linking (absence of a break) Connected speech sounds
Downstep (Downstep) sounds
Upstep (Upstep) sounds
Global rise Intonation (linguistics) sounds
Global fall Intonation (linguistics) sounds
Bilabial percussive ʬ (Bilabial percussive) sounds
Bidental percussive ʭ (Bidental percussive) sounds
Velopharyngeal fricative ʩ (Velopharyngeal fricative) sounds
Voiceless alveolar lateral–median fricative ʪ Lateral release (phonetics) sounds
Voiced alveolar lateral–median fricative ʫ Lateral release (phonetics) sounds
Ingressive airflow Ingressive sound sounds
Egressive airflow Egressive sound sounds
Apical r ɹ̺ Pronunciation of English /r/ sounds
Bunched r ɹ̈ Pronunciation of English /r/ sounds
Sublaminal lower alveolar percussive ¡ Percussive consonant sounds
Percussive alveolar click ǃ¡ (Percussive alveolar click) sounds
Buccal interdental trill ↀr̪͆ Blowing a raspberry sounds
Morphological boundary # Word stem sounds
Zero Zero (linguistics) sounds
Voiceless ̥ , ̊ , ḁ , å , ů , ẘ , ẙ (Voiceless) diacritics
Voiced ̬ Voice (phonetics) diacritics
Aspirated ʰ Aspirated consonant diacritics
More rounded ̹ , ͗ , ˒ Roundedness diacritics
Less rounded ̜ , ͑ , ˓ , ͍ Roundedness diacritics
Advanced ̟ , ˖ Relative articulation#Advanced and retracted diacritics
Retracted ̠ , ˗ Relative articulation#Advanced and retracted diacritics
Centralized ̈ Relative articulation#Centralized vowels diacritics
Mid-centralized ̽ Relative articulation#Mid-centralized vowel diacritics
Syllabic ̩ , ̍ Syllabic consonant diacritics
Non-syllabic ̯ , ̑ Semivowel diacritics
Rhoticity ˞ R-colored vowel En-us-er.ogg (play) diacritics
Breathy voiced ̤ , ṳ , ʱ Breathy voice diacritics
Creaky voiced ̰ , ḛ , ḭ , ṵ Creaky voice diacritics
Linguolabial ̼ Linguolabial consonant diacritics
Labialized ʷ , ̫ Labialization diacritics
Palatalized ʲ Palatalization (phonetics) diacritics
Velarized ˠ Velarization diacritics
Pharyngealized ˤ Pharyngealization diacritics
Velarized or pharyngealized ̴ , ᵯ , ᵰ , ᵱ , ᵬ , ᵮ , ᵵ , ᵭ , ᵴ , ᵶ , ᵳ , ᵲ Pharyngealization diacritics
Raised ̝ , ˔ Relative articulation#Raised and lowered diacritics
Lowered ̞ , ˕ Relative articulation#Raised and lowered diacritics
Advanced tongue root ̘ (Advanced tongue root) diacritics
Retracted tongue root ̙ (Retracted tongue root) diacritics
Dental ̪ , ͆ Dental consonant diacritics
Apical ̺ Apical consonant diacritics
Laminal ̻ Laminal consonant diacritics
Nasalized ̃ , ṽ Nasalization diacritics
Nasal vowel ĩ , ỹ , ɨ̃ , ʉ̃ , ɯ̃ , ũ , ɪ̃ , ʏ̃ , ʊ̃ , ẽ , ø̃ , ɘ̃ , ɵ̃ , ɤ̃ , õ , ə̃ , ɛ̃ , œ̃ , ɜ̃ , ɞ̃ , ʌ̃ , ɔ̃ , æ̃ , ɐ̃ , ã , ɶ̃ , ä̃ , ɑ̃ , ɒ̃ (Nasal vowel) diacritics
Nasal release (Nasal release) diacritics
Lateral release ˡ Lateral release (phonetics) diacritics
No audible release ̚ Unreleased stop diacritics
Ejective ʼ Ejective consonant diacritics
Glottalized ˀ Glottalization diacritics
Labio-palatalized Labio-palatalization diacritics
Long ː Length (phonetics) diacritics
Half-long ˑ Length (phonetics) diacritics
Extra-short ̆ (Extra-short) diacritics
Accent ̋ , ́ , ̄ , ̀ , ̏ Pitch-accent language diacritics
Tone ̌ , ű , ӳ , ő , ̂ , í , ý , ú , é , ó , á , ᷄ , ī , ȳ , ū , ē , ō , ǣ , ā , ᷅ , ì , ỳ , ù , è , ò , à , ᷈ , ȉ , ȕ , ȅ , ȍ , ȁ , ˥ , ˦ , ˧ , ˨ , ˩ Tone (linguistics) diacritics
Alveolar ͇ Alveolar consonant diacritics
Strong articulation ͈ , ̎ Fortis and lenis diacritics
Weak articulation ͉ , ᷂ Fortis and lenis diacritics
Denasalized ͊ Denasalization diacritics
Velopharyngeal friction ͌ Velopharyngeal consonant diacritics
Whistled articulation ͎ Whistled sibilant diacritics
Unaspirated ˭ Tenuis consonant diacritics
Pre-aspiration ʰp , ʰt , ʰʈ , ʰc , ʰk , ʰq , ʰn Preaspiration diacritics
Retroflex ̣ , ̢ Retroflex consonant diacritics
Prenasalized consonant ᵐ , ᶬ , ⁿt , ⁿd , ⁿθ , ⁿð , ⁿs , ⁿz , ⁿʃ , ⁿʒ , ⁿɕ , ⁿʑ , ⁿr , ⁿɬ , ⁿɮ , ⁿl , ᶯ , ᶮ , ᵑ , ᶰ (Prenasalized consonant) diacritics
Pre-stopped consonant ᵖ , ᵇ , ᵗ , ᵈ , ᶜ , ᶡ , ᵏ , ᶢ , ᴳ (Pre-stopped consonant) diacritics

"" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි