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"විකිපීඩියා:ස්වයංක්‍රීයව චිරස්ථිත පරිශීලකයෝ" හි සංශෝධන අතර වෙනස්කම්

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==== ස්වයං-චිරස්ථිත පරිශීලකයෝ ====
==== Autoconfirmed users ====
{{Shortcutකෙටි මග|WP:AUTOCONFIRM}}
Aසිංහල numberවිකිපීඩියාවේ ofසමහරක් actionsකර්තව්‍යයන් onයම් theකාලයක් Englishපැවැති Wikipedia(පළමු areසංස්කරණයේ restrictedපසු toගතවූ userකාලය accountsයම් thatමට්ටමක් passඉක්මවූ) certainසහ thresholdsසංස්කරණ ofගණනය ageයම් (timeඅගයක් passedඉක්මවූ sinceපරිශීලක theගිණුම් firstවෙත edit) andපමණක් editසීමාකොට countඇත: usersමෙම whoඅවශ්‍යතා meetසපුරාලන these requirements are considered part of the pseudo-groupපරිශීලකයන් <tt>'autoconfirmedස්වයං-චිරස්ථිත'</tt> යැයි හැඳින්වෙන ආරූඪ-කණ්ඩායමකට අයත් යැයි සැලකෙයි. Autoconfirmed status is checked every time a user performs a restricted action: consequently, it is granted automatically by the software. The precise requirements for autoconfirmed status vary according to circumstances: for most users on en.wiki, accounts that are more than four days old and have made at least 10 edits are considered autoconfirmed. However, users editing through the [[Tor (anonymity network)|Tor]] network are subjected to stricter autoconfirmed thresholds: 90 days and 100 edits.
Autoconfirmed status is required to [[Help:Page move|move pages]], edit [[Wikipedia:Protection policy|semi-protected pages]], and [[Wikipedia:Upload|upload files]] or upload a new version of an existing file. Autoconfirmed users are no longer required to enter a [[CAPTCHA]] for most events. Autoconfirmed users may mark pages created by others as [[Wikipedia:New pages patrol/patrolled pages|patrolled]] in [[Special:NewPages]] and save [[WP:Books|books]] to the wiki. In addition, the [[Wikipedia:Edit filter|Edit filter]] has a number of warning settings that only affect editors who are not autoconfirmed.




"https://si.wikipedia.org/wiki/විශේෂ:MobileDiff/135626" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි